I’m not sure why so many Canadians seem willing to give the bad guys — ISIS and others — the advantage. I suppose we have blind faith in our military, police and intelligence forces, that they will protect us from lone-wolf attacks by terrorists. The average citizen doesn’t need to bear arms, right?

Reality check: our security forces just can’t do it all. We’ve seen one unarmed soldier in Ottawa, just steps away from the Parliament buildings at the National War Memorial, murdered in cold blood by an ISIS sympathizer from Quebec. We’ve seen another unarmed military person murdered in cold blood by another deranged ISIS sympathizer in Quebec. And we are hearing more and more stories about Canadians making their way to Syria, or trying to make their way to Syria, to join the terrorist group.

No doubt, the cases we are hearing about are only the proverbial tip of the iceberg.

The sad reality is, if a terrorist starts opening fire in a public setting, none of the bystanders will be able to stop the individual. Even in the United States, where citizens are allowed to bear arms in most places (I think), many people do not carry them. Hence, murderers who slaughtered people in movie theatres and schools and other settings there went unchallenged.

I don’t think we should all have the right to bear arms; I think it should be mandatory in this age of international terrorism. We should all be ready to defend our villages and cities against the terrorists who will resort to any means to wipe us out.

Make no mistake about it: ISIS and other groups like them mean to kill everyone in the West, and to destroy civilization as we know it.

Everybody needs to be on guard, and needs to be prepared to fight.

— Jillian