Maybe it’s because I am a naturist at heart — though still somewhat fashionable when I do have to wear clothes — but I just can’t wear pantyhose anymore.

I’m done with them.

I hate the way they feel on my legs and, more important, the way they feel on my waist and tummy area. They are too tight, too confining.

I mention this now because I have been bare-legged all summer, until one cool day last week when I wore some pantyhose to work. Yuck. They left a ring around my tummy.

I imagine it will be the same deal with tights, but I’ll probably wear some of those in the winter. But for the autumn, I’ve decided to go with over-the-knee socks, and some stockings and garter belt and/or stay-ups. I want to keep the upper part of my thighs bare . . . (No, this post is not meant to be an exercise in erotica.)

In truth, I wish I could go bare-legged all the time. But … sigh … it’s not practical in the not-so-Great White North.

I used to love pantyhose . . . until I got into naturism a few years ago. Now I want to wear as little as possible — though still stay fashionable, of course.

Smiles . . .

— Jillian