Pope should be barred from the White House

(As posted in LGBT Perspectives)

So, Vatican officials are reportedly upset and, shudders, offended because some gay and transgender people will be present when the  pope is greeted on the White House lawn by thousands of people — some 15,000 — on Wednesday.

The gay and trans people are being called “activists” in various news reports, and the Vatican officials are allegedly worried that “if the Pope were photographed with some of the guests, it could be interpreted as him endorsing their positions,” a Telegraph article appearing on the National Post site says.

Say what? Their positions?

I think this is another case of the proverbial (black) pot calling the (electric) kettle black, yes?

I mean, Americans should be offended by the presence of the pope and his so-called Vatican officials on the White House lawn. Afterall, the pope is the head of a superstitious organization that attributes its ridiculous dogma to a supernatural entity that never, ever speaks for itself (I wonder why that is).

As well, the pope is the head of an organization that has systematically raped and abused children, as well as inspired the persecution of people around the world for a very long time.

In the grand scheme of things, some might view the Catholic Church as one of the greatest manmade abominations on the planet . . .

Americans should not be seen as endorsing the Vatican’s positions.

Just sayin’ . . .

Just editorializing . . .

Vatican officials should be barred from the White House. Their presence is offensive.

President Obama, please revoke their invitation.

10 thoughts on “Pope should be barred from the White House

    1. ALOHA:….. yes, i agree… .we need to bar muslims from the white house; and catholics, and all right-wing, republican, tea-party christians, and anyone that i don’t agree with…… yup…. the white house has a “love affair” with muslims; what are you smoking??!!


  1. I don’t believe religions, personal beliefs and politics should ever be mixed. “Their position” is just a very poor choose of words. It is not like someone wakes up one day and say, “I am going to stand up for the rights of transgender people. And to show how I believe it them, I will have a sex change.” We are all are still people on this planet. I would be more afraid of the violence from (so called) religious protesters that the Vatican may incur by being at the White House. These people are only one group of many who feel they need to protest everything.


    1. I wouldn’t try to stop anyone from practising their faith. However, when the pope as a guest of America and the White House whines about the presence of gay and trans people on the White House lawn — which is owned by the people of America — he is being downright rude and just plain bigoted and is overstepping the boundaries of etiquette.

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  2. Pope getting into a Fiat. Really? This is the same political crap we are trying to get out of Washington. This tells us what they think of the intelligence of ordinary people. If they really believe we are all dumb asses they should be promoting real education not more propaganda. But then they really don’t care about the dumb asses do they.


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