What’s with the geese, anyway?

Why do geese yack so much as they fly south? What are they talking about?

Yes, it’s that time of year again. Summer officially checked out on Tuesday night in these parts: We went from a warm day to a cool, wear-a-jacket day on Wednesday. Nighttime temps are close to the freezing mark . . . and I have an appointment to have my car’s winter tires installed on Oct. 20 — the day after a Conservative government is re-elected in Canada.

Something tells me it’s going to be a long, hard winter.

If you follow Canadian politics, you’ve probably watched in disgust as the NDP (New Democrats) blew their lead in this election campaign by first saying they would withdraw Canada’s (symbolic) forces from the coalition fight against ISIS, and then by saying they support Muslim women who want to keep their faces covered during Canadian citizenship ceremonies. The latter is a huge issue in Canada.

NDP leader Thomas Mulcair said in a debate on foreign policy with Conservative leader Stephen Harper and Liberal leader Justin Trudeau that Canada is a peacekeeping nation, which is why he would pull Canada’s forces out of the fight against ISIS.

To which Harper pointed out that ISIS is not exactly a nation you can try to make peace with, given the terrorist organization’s expansion plans to murder everyone who doesn’t think like them. And Harper also pointed out that Mulcair would be spending a lot of time explaining himself to the United States . . .

Oy . . .

What about Trudeau? Well, he is pretty wishy-washy on the two aforementioned issues. Slippery is probably a better word. He, too, has said he would withdraw Canada’s forces from the fight against ISIS. And he is perceived by many to be too young and inexperienced.

And so it goes. The Conservatives will probably win a minority government, and Canada will be just as depressing this winter as it was last winter, and the winter before, and . . .

I want to move to California — even if Donald Trump becomes the next U.S. president. But it’s not so easy to move to another country.  . . .

Woe is me . . .


— Jillian




4 thoughts on “What’s with the geese, anyway?

  1. They aren’t yakking, the honk is more like a grunt when they push their wings downwards. Humans do the same thing when they are lifting heavy objects, just not as loud.

    Trump would never become president, but if in some strange turn he does win the general election, it would be the end of the Republican party (Yay).

    There are two things that would be completely alien to Trump. He would find out quickly that it is not a dictatorship and he can’t rule by royal fiat. The very idea that he has to share the leadership of the country with the Judiciary and the Legislative branches just doesn’t register with him. Second, he will have a difficult time accepting that the Congress and the citizens are not like employees in his business empire. but like shareholders who can fire him.

    Actually, it would be fun watching him tear his party to shreds. But it won’t happen.


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