So what is the solution for America? Is there one now?

I’m talking about mass shooting incidents and the proliferation of guns in that country. I know that many of the American readers looking in here are in favour of the type of gun control we have in Canada, that you feel it will lead to fewer mass shooting incidents like the one that happened in Oregon yesterday, Oct. 1.

I’m not convinced that tougher gun control laws would prevent the sort of incidents that happened in Oregon — even if America could get its citizens to give up the guns they already possess.

As some will point out, it’s not guns that kill people, it’s people who kill people.

It seems to me America has to do some soul-searching about the ways Hollywood, the video-game industry and some media glorify violence, specifically gun violence. Does it surprise anyone that out of millions of kids who play-kill people every day in the virtual reality games of the Internet that a few of them will act out similar violence in the real world?

Millions of Americans possess guns and use them responsibly, if they actually use them at all. Yesterday, one disturbed young man out of 350 million Americans killed 9 people out of 350 million Americans. The gun lobby will tell you those numbers are not enough to enact gun-control laws that would effectively keep your average citizen from owning one.

True, there are thousands of people killed by shooters every year in the United States. And there are thousands killed by drivers. And thousands by tobacco sellers. And thousands by alcohol sellers . . .

Thing is, Canada is not a shining example. We just have such a small population that our percentages are smaller that those of the United States. But we have had shooters on campuses. We have shootings happen in our streets. We have had ISIS sympathizers commit acts of terrorism — and killings. We have seen several of our young people run off to join ISIS. And we have all the other plagues of modern western civilization mentioned in the preceding paragraph.

I don’t know what the answer is. Some might point out, though, that if a teacher or another student had had a gun on them yesterday, he or she might have neutralized the killer before he had murdered 9 innocent people and wounded 10 others. It seems the murderer had the advantage, because nobody else had a gun . . .

— Jillian