Murderers are in our forests

Speaking of guns, this is one of the saddest — and scariest — times of the year in my neck of the woods, literally speaking. I do live in the forest, and rich city slickers with rifles are on the hunt to murder gentle members of the local deer community.

I see deer regularly, and they are beautiful creatures. I can’t understand how people would murder them in cold blood — for the “sport” of it.

It all serves to remind me of just how cruel mankind is to the animal kingdom. Man’s inhumanity to his fellow man pales in comparison to the crimes he commits against animals around the world every single day.

“Take me to the slaughter house/I will wait there with the lamb . . .” – – Leonard Cohen

Indeed, I was thinking that when my time comes to shed the mortal coil, I will think about what man does to animals — and I’ll probably be glad then that I am leaving this world.

Mankind is capable of great love, and of horrific cruelty.

But deer only know love . . . and fear.

I read a statement on Facebook recently from a hunter who said he shot and wounded a deer. When he knelt by its side to finish it off, the deer licked him. The man said he got rid of his rifle and never hunted again . . .

— Jillian

6 thoughts on “Murderers are in our forests

  1. Well, frankly I do not think man is “capable” of great love. But there are a few, the reindeer people of Greenland, Scandinavia. the nomads of Mongolia who still have a better sense of the place of the animal vis-a-vis human existence. But then, they are not as “evolved” as we white man. Wouldn’t go running nakid-in-the-woods this time of year either unless wearing one of those orange-yellow florescent vests, right? Me, I’m more into pumpkin pies, whipped cream and Cupcake wine ;O


    1. So is buffalo. I think she is referring to the industrial method with which the critters are dispatched. Because greed knows no bounds. And there’s no Law against it until there’s nothing left %|


  2. As a large family living on a small farm, we need the Fall deer hunt. It meant the difference of having enough food in the freezer for the winter. My father also hunter geese and ducks. He never hunted for the sport of it and we were not rich. He didn’t do it to prove he was a big man with a big gun, but as a father who needed to feed his family. I agree there a certainly hunters that are doing it just for the sport, which is so wrong and unfortunately can’t be controlled. .Have you notice their are less pigeons around……. wonder what the city/government did………


    1. When I Ref. greed I meant also “for the Sport”. My grandfather too hunted only to put food-on-the-table in the Rocky mountains of British Columbia. I understand or am led to believe that fisherman(sport) are beginning to release their catch back to the water. Of course this is spit in the bucket when compared to the factory trawlers. Perhaps some innovative “sport” game hunters could come up with some way to register “hits” with out having to use bullets that make it a finality. But there is also that “thing” about having a trophy-head,skin or photo with their accomplishment. Yet, Britain has managed to finally stop the fox-hunts so there may be glimmer of hope


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