A Trudeau-free blog going forward

My opinions on whether Canadians elected the right leader or not are irrelevant and moot now (and probably were before, too): Trudeau and company have a clear majority and carte blanche to do what they want.

So, I have no more to say about them: What will be will be.

We’ll talk again in four years about their record . . .

(I am so sick of Canadian politics!)

8 thoughts on “A Trudeau-free blog going forward

  1. That’s because the only Politics that was(is) politics was that which occurred with the election of a Sovreigntist Party and the Referendum of ’95. At which time the “nation” had a near nervous breakdown. And from which it has yet to fully recover. Such an event brought the “true” identity of the Canadian people in sharp focus. Because we rest of the time it’s “the good ol’ hockey game” that surprisingly isn’t 12 months of the year. Perhaps if the Conservatives had chosen to discuss the wearing of the niqab at hockey games or for that matter letting women players wear them instead of at the citizenship ceremony they might have been better served. Nonetheless, I do not think it will be as boring as you might think. AFN issues and Green activists as well as how to make $$ instead of relying on the oil sands will keep this government more than occupied, and interesting until the next election. “just watch me(them)” %P%D


    1. I don’t think the Quebec sovereignty issue is dead, just sleeping. There are all sorts of factors that could give it new life. But that is provincial politics, a whole other subject.

      I have often wondered why some separatist filmmaker hasn’t made a stirring drama about the French being defeated by the English and treated like trash for so long, something that would tug at the heartstrings of francophones. No doubt, it will come in time.


  2. Are you saying the electorate made a bad choice? Are you saying the electorate is easily swayed and does not study issues so as to make an informed decision?

    People get the government they deserve.
    Push for decentralized education, not run by or funded by National government. Let education reflect the values and aspirations of parents. Teach the value of thinking.
    Government run education injects the values the ruling class wants kids to have. Ditto big political factions like unions. They all have an ax to grind. Churches, tyrants, oligarchies always want to control children’s education, to the effect of dumbing them down. Let the government educate your children and you are guaranteed to get ever-larger government to run their lives. Run to the benefit of the Donor Class.

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    1. I don’t want to say anything more about the election. I offered my views, said who my choice was. But the game is over: the people made their choice, and we will all live with that choice until the next election rolls around.

      In his concession speech, outgoing Prime Minister Harper said “The people are always right.”

      So be it.

      Trudeau’s team may not be the one I was rooting for in Quebec, but they won. Such is the sport of politics.

      Second-guessing his policies now is a waste of my time. There is nothing I can say that will influence our new government.

      But from what I have been reading, many people think voters got caught up in Trudeaumania 2.0 and the glamor of the Trudeau couple, in a Hollywood tabloid sort of way. I’m being objective now, simply reporting what I have read and heard. I can’t say that is actually what happened with the majority of Canadians . . . And my opinion on the matter is meaningless now.

      So, I will devote my blogging to other subjects, such as the impending legalization of marijuana in Canada. Don’t comment on it here; wait for my post.



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