The terrorist organization was my chief concern during the Canadian federal election campaign that ended last week with a Liberal majority government.

I have never been as vocal during a campaign before. Normally, I don’t really care who wins because it’s always “new boss same as the old boss” in my opinion, no matter what they promise before they are elected. There is only so much housekeeping they can do.

But the pledge by two political parties to withdraw Canada’s fighter jets from the coalition battle against the terrorist ISIS regime, which has visions of global domination, really troubled me. Maybe it’s the images that have been shown in the news of the horrific acts of murderous violence committed by the terrorist ghouls. Maybe it’s because they mentioned Canada as a target.

And maybe because I feel their actions are more insidious than the average Canadian or American knows or even suspects. And maybe because of one personal experience . . .

As my regular readers know, I have written a fair bit about ISIS both here and in my former Gazette blog. A strange incident happened after I published one item in the Gazette blog. I had speculated that, since the world wasn’t hearing anything from the ISIS leader anymore (before he had been injured by a coalition bomb), perhaps he had taken the money and run. Maybe he stuffed it in a Swiss bank account, I said rather flippantly, suggesting authorities search for him in Switzerland.

Well, about 3 a.m. the following morning, I was awakened by a very peculiar ring on my smartphone, which was on the night table beside my bed. It wasn’t like any phone ringing I had heard before, and it certainly wasn’t one of the optional ringtones offered on my phone. It rang once and stopped, but showed a “missed call” number: not the usual 10-digit local numbers we’re used to. It was much longer, obviously an overseas call. Just a wrong number, I thought, as I slipped back into sleep.

When I got up later that morning, I googled the number and after some sleuthing, learned it came from . . . you guessed it . . . Switzerland. The call was made through a satellite phone company based in Italy. Thanks to google, I was able to pinpoint the supposed exact location of the call, complete with street view: a country road near a small bridge over a river near a town in Switzerland. There were no buildings in the picture.

Hmm . . .

How coincidental that I got a call — a literal wakeup call, in fact — from Switzerland after mentioning the ISIS leader and Switzerland the day before in a post on a mainstream newspaper site, I thought.

I thought about it more as I drove into work that day. My gut instinct told me that something wasn’t right about it. It was just too coincidental, and as a Theosophist, I don’t believe in coincidences. What if . . . What the heck, I thought. I’ll pass the info on to one of Canada’s intelligence agencies, and maybe they will look into it. At the very least, they would just shrug it off.

So that’s what I did. I made some phone calls, got an email address from an agent, and sent in the info. About two months later, I got a reply from the organization. They confirmed much of the information I had given them, and said they couldn’t tell me who made the call for privacy reasons. They thanked me, and encouraged me to keep being vigilant.

So, I’ll probably never know whether the call was just a “coincidental” wrong number, or if it was someone messing with my mind, as in, “Yes, we can hack you anytime we choose, through your cellphone, computer or . . . So shut up, stupid.”

It’s a fact that ISIS is attacking the West on the Internet. A recent report out of the U.S. says the terrorist group has been trying to hack into the country’s power grid. Yes, they would gleefully plunge everyone in North America into darkness and the cold if they could get away with it.

And, no doubt, they are trying to mess with much more than our power grids.

We average folks have no idea how much work our intelligence services are doing behind the scenes to protect us, so that we can go about our lives without fear. We have no idea how many times they have saved our lives. But to assume that ISIS is not a threat to us is foolish.

ISIS is the very embodiment of hate and evil. If you believe in Satan, ISIS is Satan personified. It is the reincarnation of the same malevolent force that manifested through Adolph Hitler and his Nazi followers, to the nth degree.

And just as Hitler was defeated, so will ISIS be defeated, because good ultimately triumphs over evil. It is a universal principle.

But as we are seeing, many innocent lives are being lost in the battle to slay this particular dragon. And many more will be lost, especially if we as a nation are complacent.

Hence my concern during the Canadian election campaign, and my reason for speaking out. Sure, Canada’s six Hornet fighter jets may not be accomplishing a lot. But they might kill the one terrorist in Syria who otherwise will come to the West to kill you and your family.

So I pass the same warning I got from one of Canada’s intelligence agencies on to you:

Be vigilant.

— Jillian, with thoughts of HPB, Annie B., Katherine T. and a certain colonel.