Nudism/Naturism: Halloween

Inquiring minds need to know:

Do naturists dress up for Halloween parties?

Or does a mask and some body paint and glitter suffice as a “costume”?

If you are a naturist and are going to a Halloween party this year, how will you present yourself?

Personally, on the not-so-blessed evening this year, I’ll be attending a naturism swim and basketball event . . . but I’ll wear a mask!



12 thoughts on “Nudism/Naturism: Halloween

  1. At our resort everyone comes dressed in costumes and body paints or a combination there of. After an hour or so of adult beverages and the dancing starts the costumes begin to fall away. By the end of the night total nudity is again the norm. We have to say though that both men and women in scantily clad costumes are far more sexual and erotic than total nudity. It is however great fun.


  2. I dressed as a nude wolfman. I have this great full wolf head.

    She dressed in a cupless corset with garters, hose, high heels, and an old hag mask. She rouged her nipples and lania minors and didn’t talk so nobody knew who she was.

    We went separately so I could watch all the attention she got. And she indeed got it.


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