Well, you see, “if you abandon Genesis’ literal history of marriage and say marriage can be two men or two women or whatever you want, well why not abandon clothing?”

Umm, it might be a bit of a false parallel, but I’m thinking some naturists would be in favour of abandoning clothing, yes? (Winks)

And they’re not all gay, are they?

The open quotation in an Edge Media Network article comes from a member of the right-wing fundamentalist fringe (see how polite I was there when I could just as well have saved space by saying ‘a member of the lunatic fringe’).

It seems “creationist” Ken Ham feels that allowing same-sex marriage might lead to people abandoning clothes. (Don’t ask. It’s a convoluted rabbit hole.)

Ham points out that God created clothing. It’s right there in the book of Genesis, he says.

But Ham failed to mention that God also reportedly (in the same book) created naked people, because people are born nude! Shudders! It’s shocking!

As one of my Twitter sources points out (thanks, Stephanie), Ham’s ridiculous assertions could lead to “a slippery slope . . .”

In other words, don’t be surprised if more members of the, umm, aforementioned fringe trot out the public nudism issue in their exclusionary arguments of how mankind should be made in their image.

— Jillian