Speaking of peace of mind . . .

As Canada’s new prime minister and his cabinet were sworn in today with much fanfare in what the media are calling a historic occasion, I stood by the lake and listened to the sounds of Mother Nature.

It was a beautiful, warm day, so peaceful with the water lapping on the shoreline.

I heard a woodpecker rat-a-tat-tatting on a tree . . . and I thought about how oblivious it was to the events unfolding in Ottawa.

I thought of the millions of creatures across the nation, in the land, on the land, above the land, in the lakes and rivers and streams, and of the trees and plants and the spirits therein, all oblivious to the changing of the bureaucratic human guard in the nation’s capital.

An historic day?

Well, not for the vast majority of the life forms in this country. For most, it was just another day . . .

— Jillian