#Paris: Why citizens need to bear arms, and Syrian refugee plans need to be rethought

Tonight I am convinced more than ever of the need for average citizens to be permitted to carry handguns, after being trained how to use them.

More than 100 people were held hostage by cowardly terrorists in a Paris concert hall today, and it seems like most of them were killed. If some of them had been carrying handguns, they might have been able to shoot the terrorists. Instead, the terrorists were able to murder the hostages in cold blood . . .

I know all the arguments against allowing people to bear arms, but these are not normal times. There are terrorists cells looking for soft targets, and people in countries like France, Britain and Canada are sitting ducks.

Islamic terrorists think twice about trying such attacks on American soil, because they know that many Americans are armed and will fight back.

We Canadians should have the right. We should be allowed to bear arms and be ready to neutralize terrorists . . .

I also feel it is time for the coalition to put boots on the ground, go in and finish off ISIS, and round up their sympathizers around the world. And we must rethink the idea of admitting thousands of Syrian refugees into our countries. Already, there is speculation that up to 4,000 ISIS agents have slipped into Europe posing as refugees, and that the attacks in Paris today may have been staged by some of them.

— Jillian

9 thoughts on “#Paris: Why citizens need to bear arms, and Syrian refugee plans need to be rethought

  1. Unfortunately this is exactly when the governments move for more control over arms for civilians.
    And unfortunately most people are more afraid of their neighbour having guns then the bad guys.

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  2. Get a mini-drone. They’re legal for us. And cheaper! Then you can trick it out to take out the buggers. Bombs much more effective then bullets %P


      1. hell, f**** the defensive. If we carry forward with this line of thinking just “nuke” the buggers – D. Trump in Iowa Leave a big crater in Syria, Mosel, Raqqa, Falluja. Nothing beats fried ISIS. And believe me it will scare the hell out of them. It’s called “cauterization”. Vive La France %(


  3. aloha jillian… yup … let’s all of us carry uzi’s and kalashnikov’s!!….. so when i don’t move immediately when the light turns green, i can get shot by the car/truck behind me; or if i accidentally bump into someone in the grocery store, they can blow my head off!!!… yup…. great thinking….. OMFG!!!! …. a terrorist can give a shit if americans fight back!!… they don’t care… they are going to heaven and their 72 virgins…. they blow themselves up in airplanes, cars, motorcycles, et al…… they are crazy, nutz and don’t give a shit if they get killed!!!….. yes, let’s now stop all of the refugees because of the potential that one may be a nutcase terrorist!!… how unbelievably bigoted!!!….. we can just take all of their clothes and make them run around naked and thus no potential for carrying out a suicide bombing!!!… how sad indeed!!!!….. oh well…..


    1. And ISIS will win with this hysteria. Precisely what they want. Violence begets violence. The slope is very slippery. They are well versed in war. And once you unleash it’s forces it becomes very difficult to maintain “rational” thinking


      1. Leftists are mentally diseased. How else to explain their welcoming the Muslims to invade their country and give them financial support to encourage even more. The leftists children are being raped and their economy ravaged. The recent massacre will not wake them up. The disease has not yet found a cure but the Muslims may eradicate them making a cure unnecessary. Those who don’t study history will be repeating it. Think crusades. That was never resolved. Now we have to do it all over again. But even christian Europe never rolled out the welcome mat.

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