Canadians may have made a colossal error by electing a majority Liberal government in October.

While the Liberals may be applauded for their plan to withdraw Canada’s fighters from the coalition battle against the scourge that is ISIS, and for their plan to give refuge to some 25,000 Syrians, history may show it was the wrong time for such peace and love idealism.

The fact is, the West is at war with an aggressor who won’t listen to reason and for whom the idealism of peace and love is an obscenity. ISIS is a mad dog intent on ripping apart civilization as we know it, and tearing apart the throats of every individual who doesn’t serve their psycho purposes.

If you believe Satan exists, then know that ISIS is the personification of that devil. Any ISIS claims that they are serving God are lies; no god would sanction the murderous activities of ISIS. Only mad dogs can’t see that point.

This is not the time for Canada to be withdrawing from the fight against an evil that will show us no mercy, whether we are fighting them or not. And it is not the time to be opening our borders to a flow of refugees that is almost certain to include ISIS operatives. It only takes a few ISIS sympathizers or operatives to wreak havoc on a city and murder defenceless people.

ISIS specializes in killing defenceless people. They call it “terrorism.” But, in fact, rampages like the #ParisAttacks are acts of cowardice committed by people who don’t have the balls to fight man to man. They are the ultimate losers in society, the dregs whose lives are so miserable that they just can’t bear to see others having happy lives and thus, in their jealousy and blind rage, lash out at the most vulnerable before committing the ultimate act of cowardice: blowing themselves up.

The Liberals’ plan to turn the other cheek won’t work with ISIS and its sympathizers. This is the time to be vigilant, put more military in the streets of the nation to stand on guard for thee, and to allow citizens to bear arms so that they are not completely helpless.

And it is time to root out the ISIS sympathizers already in our midst and hold them until the head of the organization has been cut off and they no longer have a master to appease.

If the Liberals are determined to turn the other cheek and make Canadians more vulnerable, they should call a new election and give Canadians a chance to vote on the issues of the real world. We can put their dreams on the back burner until such time ISIS is put down.

— Jillian