#ParisAttacks: So what would you do in Canada?

Several people, I’m guessing, feel my preceding posts was too reactionary. They feel that the measures I called for — in expressing my opinions — are too extreme.

So, I ask for your input. How would you handle the potential security weaknesses and possible ISIS terrorism threat in Canada? What would you recommend?

And how about the plan to take in 25,000 Syrian refugees by year’s end, now that the news is out that at least one of the #ParisAttacks terrorists was smuggled in as a refugee by ISIS? A recent report I read quoted an ISIS source bragging that they were smuggling their operatives in with refugees.

Have your say.

— Jillian

11 thoughts on “#ParisAttacks: So what would you do in Canada?

  1. We will follow the US and UK lead on this. As usual. Or maybe Putinville now. Wouldn’t that be something. IS being nuked by Russia. Solve a lot of problems. Ok, that’s enough of the lunacy: “Wars begin when you will, but they do not end when you please.” – Niccolo Machiavelli

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  2. You will never be able to prevent all terrorist activity. It just won’t happen.

    The past decade will be known forever in history as the most stupid war that any US president started. (It is the ONLY war that the US started. Until Iraq, the US had never made the first hostile move).

    That is the legacy that George (the stupid) Bush, and his crime partner, Dick Cheney have left us with. And we have to live with the consequences for decades.

    France is declaring a state of war which they hope will cause a NATO response. However, realize that Assad and Putin are friends. It’s Putin who is keeping Assad in power in Syria. A NATO response in Syria would technically be a war between the US and Russia. Putin’s support of Assad means that they don’t care who they target as long as it is not Assad’s forces. So the Kurdish forces friendly to the US who are trying to topple Assad are targets of Russian bombs. Add in Ukraine, who wants to join NATO and we could be seeing the seeds for another world war.

    Thank you, George, fucking idiot, Bush.


    1. Not quite the idiot. The question is who is making big $$ from war being waged. Missiles, bullets are being manufactured by who? Follow the $


      1. Sure, follow the money.

        Vice President Dick Cheney’s former employer, the Halliburton Company, is benefiting very directly from the United States’ effort to combat terrorism. From building cells for detainees at Guantanamo Bay ($300 million) to feeding American troops in Uzbekistan. In one year, Halliburton went from being the Pentagon’s number 37 contractor with just $500 million in contracts to number 7 and $3.9 billion in defense contracts.
        Former Secretary of State James Baker III and former Bush Sr. campaign manager Fred Malek were employed by the Carlyle Group, a Washington investment bank specializing in defense and aerospace companies. Former Republican Defense Secretary Frank Carlucci is currently the Carlyle Group’s chairman and managing director. When Bush (the dumb one) Jr. took office, Bush Senior was a member of the Carlyle Group. The firm is almost entirely made up of ex-government officials and it is said to be the world’s most politically connected private equity firm. According to an investigation by the WSJ, Bush Senior convinced Osama’s brother, Shafiq bin Laden, to invest $2 million of Bin Laden Group money with Carlyle.
        The U.S. sells advanced weaponry to Israel including Lockheed Martin’s F-16 fighter planes. Lynne Cheney, the wife of Vice-President Dick Cheney, was on the board of Lockheed Martin and would have been involved in overseeing this sale.
        When the Bush administration first took office, it appointed 32 executives, paid consultants, or major shareholders of weapons contractors to top policy making positions in the Pentagon, the National Security Council, the Department of Energy (involved in nuclear weapons development), and the State Department.

        War is business, and business is good.


      1. Putin said no such thing. Find the quote. Why are the russians providing arms to Assad? Why are the Russians bombing the US allies who are opposing Assad?


  3. Here in the UK lots of people have been saying recently that we should be taking more of the flood of migrants/refugees coming into Europe. One argument they put forward has been how previous refugees have enriched our society and benefited from being part of it. They’ve conveniently forgotten the thieve, killers and terrorists who have arrived as refugees.

    What this actually adds up to is that just because someone si a refugee/migrant doesn’t make them good or bad, They’re just human beings like the rest of us and just as likely to act in a variety of ways.

    By all means try to screen out potential terrorists from the refugee arrivals, but don’t be surprised if some slip through, or if some perfectly good people later change their point of view and become terrorists. Remember, the London Underground bombers were “home grown”, they weren’t new immigrants.

    Terrorists and their methods existed long before ISIS or east-to-west mass migratio, and they’ll still be around after the current problem has faded into history.



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