There’s no doubt about it: People are on edge in Canada after the Nov. 13 #ParisAttacks.

There are two petitions in this country concerning Syrian refugees: one group wants the plan to bring in 25,000 by year’s end postponed if not cancelled, and the other group wants to allow the refugees in.

Meanwhile, people are divided over the plan by the Liberal government to withdraw its six fighter jets from the coalition fight against the terrorist group many are now calling Daesh instead of ISIS or ISIL — the reasoning behind the name change is because people do not want to give the terrorists any validity as a “state,” and because the terrorists apparently don’t like the name, which is an acronym of some sort they used to use until they realized it also means “bigot” when conjugated certain ways.

Whatever you call the terrorist group, many Canadians feel the Liberals are disgracing Canada in the eyes of the international community. But the Liberals are saying it was a campaign promise, and Canadians elected them, so it must be what the majority of Canadians want. And they’re sticking by their guns, er, muzzling their fighter jets’ guns.

I don’t think Canadians were giving that particular issue much thought when they went to the polls with an “anyone but Harper” attitude. But I suspect if the election were held today, Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party would be re-elected.

Still, I know the issues are dividing Canadians, which might make ISIS/ISIL/Daesh very happy. Personally, I’ve lost at least two once-supposedly-loyal readers because of my opinions expressed in this blog recently. It seems they didn’t like me second-guessing the Liberal Party of Canada. One even suggested I wasn’t qualified to do so and then “unfollowed” me in a huff on Facebook.

Hey, I’m a taxpayer and citizen of the nation. I have as much right as anyone else to express my opinions, especially in forums like these designed to express opinions.

Or, I suppose I could write about how everything is bright and beautiful in its own way, and how some Canadians feel ISIS/ISIL/Daesh members are just misguided youths who need to be shown brotherly love . . . and we mustn’t hurt them, eh?

But I digress . . .


— Jillian