#ParisAttacks: Stephen Harper would be re-elected if election were called today

There’s no doubt about it: People are on edge in Canada after the Nov. 13 #ParisAttacks.

There are two petitions in this country concerning Syrian refugees: one group wants the plan to bring in 25,000 by year’s end postponed if not cancelled, and the other group wants to allow the refugees in.

Meanwhile, people are divided over the plan by the Liberal government to withdraw its six fighter jets from the coalition fight against the terrorist group many are now calling Daesh instead of ISIS or ISIL — the reasoning behind the name change is because people do not want to give the terrorists any validity as a “state,” and because the terrorists apparently don’t like the name, which is an acronym of some sort they used to use until they realized it also means “bigot” when conjugated certain ways.

Whatever you call the terrorist group, many Canadians feel the Liberals are disgracing Canada in the eyes of the international community. But the Liberals are saying it was a campaign promise, and Canadians elected them, so it must be what the majority of Canadians want. And they’re sticking by their guns, er, muzzling their fighter jets’ guns.

I don’t think Canadians were giving that particular issue much thought when they went to the polls with an “anyone but Harper” attitude. But I suspect if the election were held today, Stephen Harper and his Conservative Party would be re-elected.

Still, I know the issues are dividing Canadians, which might make ISIS/ISIL/Daesh very happy. Personally, I’ve lost at least two once-supposedly-loyal readers because of my opinions expressed in this blog recently. It seems they didn’t like me second-guessing the Liberal Party of Canada. One even suggested I wasn’t qualified to do so and then “unfollowed” me in a huff on Facebook.

Hey, I’m a taxpayer and citizen of the nation. I have as much right as anyone else to express my opinions, especially in forums like these designed to express opinions.

Or, I suppose I could write about how everything is bright and beautiful in its own way, and how some Canadians feel ISIS/ISIL/Daesh members are just misguided youths who need to be shown brotherly love . . . and we mustn’t hurt them, eh?

But I digress . . .


— Jillian

12 thoughts on “#ParisAttacks: Stephen Harper would be re-elected if election were called today

    1. They want us to believe they are religious, but I was reading a report today that says they are not exactly regularly attendees of mosques. They rape and murder; they are not religious. It is an organization of mindless baboons working for a criminal mastermind, and you gotta believe that money is the motivating factor.


      1. It doesn’t matter if they attend prayer regularly. They will still enforce others to do so under the harshest penalties. Did the popes in Middle Ages attend prayers regularly? If they were not the locals consider acceptable, they wouldn’t exist.


  1. I totally uphold your right to have and publish opinions and to oppose the current government. I know you have felt this way since well before the Beirut and Paris attacks, and it was obvious during the campaign that you did not want a Liberal government. But that’s what we have.

    Given the attacks and so much new information, I do not expect the government to tick off campaign promises like a list. But I do imagine they will stay true to the vision of the party and of the Prime Minister. It would seem the CF-18s are coming home. But I imagine Trudeau is talking with many heads of state and government about just how Canada is going to help stop Daesh.

    You can drop bombs in support of ground troops and to degrade the ability of Daesh to fight, but neither bombs nor troops can destroy an idea. The world needs to figure out how and why such extreme movements start up and why so many young men (mostly) are attracted to them. We need to know what to change so we can truly stop them and keep them from starting.


    1. Welcome here!

      I don’t know why young men are giving their lives for a deluded criminal mastermind who may only be in this for the money. I understand the idealism of youth, but I don’t understand how it can be warped to such a degree.

      As for the Liberals, well, we’ll see how it all works out. If there is a major terrorist attack in Canada, I suspect the Liberals will keep up the bombing campaign.

      I saw one good analysis the other day: ISIS is essentially stalled in Syria and Iraq, so now they will stage Paris-like revenge attacks around the world.

      By the way, now that your first comment is approved here, the rest should appear without needing to be approved first.


    1. You could be in for a surprise! I once thought the same. But as evidence by this Post and the fact that a Conservative government lasted almost 10 years all bets are off %O


  2. Realize, I would “think”, that they have won whether yea or nay. Nuke them. They want death and the might of the West. This will scare all of us. Japan capitulated quickly enough as we know. And they we’re ready to fight to the death. As you have put it: “cut off the balls” at the source. But it is what they want. “Make it so” %D


    1. The Japanese were losing the war when Fat Man & Little Boy made their debut. Heck, what’s a couple of 50M tonners out of the 7200 stock pile. But wait. The testing has begun as witnessed over LA about a week ago. More incentive to leave the planet real quick %O


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