ISIS will never dominate the world

Let’s get this straight from the outset: ISIS will never be a global power, and the people running the organization and, more important, the ones financing it are surely aware of that fact.

As always, the ISIS situation is about money, in my opinion — and all of my thoughts here are my opinion. There are people on both sides making money off of this coalition battle with ISIS. Follow the money trail, if you can . . .

And, yes, there will be continued terrorist attacks by young idealists who have been brainwashed by the organization. Not by the real fighters in ISIS, who are paid mercenaries. The terrorist attacks will be committed by dimwitted suckers.

ISIS needs to commit more terrorist attacks abroad because they are largely stalled in their so-called expansionist plans in Syria. The West has contained them. But they need to keep up the fear factor, to make countries keep dropping bombs on desert spaces . . . there’s a lot of money to be made in the munitions business.

For an idea of which organizations and countries might be supporting the ISIS money-making mission, look at who isn’t being attacked by terrorists.

I’m not going to fingerpoint, except to say that Islamic interests hold a lot of real estate in the West. The last thing ISIS wants to do is upset those economic applecarts. Despite all its bull manure about the evils of materialism, Islamic countries and ISIS could not survive without the West’s commercialism.

It’s a dog feed dog world . . .

— Jillian

3 thoughts on “ISIS will never dominate the world

  1. And “if you fights me, you fights my gang”. Mafia,ISIL,Mexican-SA drug lords,Irish,Yakuza,Triads .. it’s not personal, it’s only biz-ness. But at least they don’t kill for no reason, like Aurora,Sandy Hook,Umpqua. Or did they? We should ask APA,CPA. They’re silence is deafening %(


  2. The Islamic State is real. It has existed in various forms since Mohammed. It was real during the crusades. The world Muslim population has been growing faster than any other group. They will soon outnumber the Jewish population in the US. They will be the major population in France in a few more more generations. They already have zones in France where Muslims rule and all others stay out. France will become a Muslim state.
    Of course Muslims fight amongst themselves, of course they come in many different forms but it would be foolish to dismiss them. They definitely believe the world should be run by them. For them it is a religious war no less than the crusades. Suicide bombers don’t do it for the money. Of course the guys at the top go for money and power but that is universal.
    Muslim leaders are barbarians and intellectuals. Arabic is the fastest growing language on American college campuses. We are training their their next leaders. The idea that an IS could never dominate the world is premature.


  3. Isn’t going to happen because they don’t have enough nukes. Aside from the biggos, there is still China,Israel,India,N. Korea. Because when push comes to shove they are going to get nuked. And the US has more guns per capita Pop. wise than any other nation on earth; while it does make the case for NRA and insanity %(


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