I said it here after the last election results were announced: Old boss same as the new boss.

It’s the line from The Who’s song, Won’t Get Fooled Again.

And it is appearing that Canadians did get fooled again, perhaps worse than ever before.

Let me make it clear: I do not have a personal grudge against the Liberal Party of Canada and its leader, even though I didn’t vote for them. I just didn’t buy into the “second coming” wave of Trudeaumania.

And I had sworn not to mention the party leader’s name here again, but I find myself having to mention it today:

Canadians had a lot of hate on for Prime Minister Stephen Harper because of what they saw as his dictatorial approach to governing. Well, Justin Trudeau is already showing that he intends to use the same approach in governing.

Exhibit A, from the National Post: Trudeau vows ‘to keep Canadians safe’ as he rebuffs concerns over plan to accept 25,000 Syrian refugees

And he still stubbornly plans to get them in by year’s end, as he promised during the election campaign. This despite calls from politicians at the provincial and municipal levels to take a slower approach in the name of security. This despite appeals and petitions by frightened Canadians calling on the government to go slow.

Trudeau doesn’t give a damn. He’ll do what he wants, not what the population wants.

Yup, new dictator same as the old dictator.

Yup, voters got fooled again.