My, how the political winds can change quickly in Canada. It only takes the actions of a couple of politicians to make or break a country, and Liberal leaders in Ottawa and Quebec are creating the perfect storm for Quebec sovereignists.

At the very least, the arrogance of both of those leaders will probably lead to a Parti Québécois victory in the next provincial election. Premier Couillard is doing his best to alienate the working class by refusing to give public workers decent salaries and working conditions while at the same time handing out $1 billion of taxpayers’ money to corporate loser Bombardier.

And Justin Trudeau is alienating Quebecers with his dictatorial approaches on the Syrian refugees and plans to withdraw Canada’s fighter jets from the coalition mission against ISIS. If Justin thinks he can placate ISIS by withdrawing our fighter jets while at the same time using Canadian forces to train Iraqis how to kill ISIS, he’s mistaken. ISIS will continue to view Canada as an aggressor, and Canadians will be no safer than they are now. In fact, with 25,000 refugees being rushed into the country by year’s end and the ISIS pledge to attack nations around the world, Canadians may be more at risk if only a few ISIS operatives are able to sneak into the country with those refugees.

Do you think ISIS won’t try to sneak in some operatives? lol. They will exploit the policies and naiveté of Canada’s new prime minister.

If there is a terrorist attack in Quebec and it is proved to be linked to the refugees, Quebecers will remember that the Bloc Québécois’ former leader, Gilles Duceppe, said during the campaign that he supported the mission against ISIS, that it was the duty of Quebec to fight. Quebecers support the mission against ISIS, and Trudeau is mistaken if he thinks they voted for him because of his pledge to stop the bombing.

So, the winning conditions of a PQ victory are in the making now. And Quebec may yet become an independent nation.

Je suis québécoise.

— Jillian