4 thoughts on “Syrian refugees: Will Trudeau ignore the majority of of Canadians?

  1. Why not? The previous PM did. At any rate, I hope people get past their fear soon and realize that fear is what Daesh wants. Surely they don’t want to do that. What Daesh does *not* want is us taking in Syrian refugees and choosing compassion over fear.


    1. You and your leftist friends are naive. ISIS created the refugees and wants us to take them. We are playing into their hands. ISIS has made you more scared. ISIS is emboldened. ISIS probably won’t win this battle, but have succeeded in making the west look impotent and foolish in the meantime. A victory for the west in this battle, will result in driving them underground to erupt again in the future.


    2. I think we should welcome refugees. But there are reports (remember, I’m in the news business so I read a lot of them) today that Canada will have to cut corners to get them all in by year’s end.


      And from all the analysis I have been reading, ISIS is launching a massive propaganda campaign and will try to carry out terrorist attacks because they are essentially losing the battle in the Mideast. This is all they have left.

      So, it is a time for any country bringing in refugees to be extra careful, and not cut corners.

      Having said that, we should welcome refugees with open arms — and we should also take care of the homeless people already in Canada. I didn’t hear Trudeau mention them, did you?


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