Our friend Steve has been right all along: ISIS is not the threat everybody is making them out to be.

I’ve been twigging to that this past week, in the aftermath of the #ParisAttacks. Like so many people, my emotions have run the gamut from anger and fear to a certain resignation and finally to the fact that the ISIS threat to the world is overstated.

And I’m thinking that the end of the organization in its present form is nearer rather than farther. It is largely contained in its expansion efforts: it won’t be taking over any countries, especially now that the Russians, French and Americans are hammering them day and night.

And they are starting to show signs of desperation, and the proverbial last gasps: terrorism attacks abroad by small numbers of lone wolf types, and empty threats.

And no one is even positive that they actually brought down the Russian passenger plane a couple of weeks ago. Yes, they took “credit” for it, but they would take credit for any calamity these days. They are somewhat masochistic: they don’t mind getting hammered.

That’s because they thrive on publicity, as one report I was reading said. They love to make a threat and read media reports about them. It turns them on, boosts their ego, feeds their delusions . . . yadda yadda yadda.

But, objectively speaking, ISIS only ever numbered some tens of thousands of fighters toting rifles. Early in their campaign, it became evident that the Muslim world would not flock to their cause, if, in fact, there ever was a cause. I still suspect that this was all about money, i.e. arms sales, oil etc., for the benefit of a few.

No doubt, there will be many threats yet from ISIS blowhards along with some terrorist attacks. But in the grand scheme of things, they won’t make much of a dent in the world population.

On another note: veteran ABC-TV newsman Ted Koppel was just on The Daily Show talking about his new book, Lights Out. Ted seems to be convinced that the U.S. power grids — there’s three of them — are at risk of cyber attacks from ISIS or any number of foreign nations. He’s saying outages could last for months, so everybody should stock upon food and other supplies . . .

Just sayin’ . . .

— Jillian