The Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)
The Royal Victoria Hospital in Montreal. (Photo: Jean Gagnon/Wikimedia Commons)

I was heartened when watching CBC News Montreal at 6 this evening to hear that the city is considering using the old Royal Victoria Hospital to house some of the almost 6,000 Syrian refugees coming next month. It’s a great idea from Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre and company.

For my international readers: The hospital is no longer used as such after several anglophone hospitals in the Montreal region relocated to one spanking-new mega-hospital site. Hence, the vacant real estate . . .

Personally, I have more confidence now in Canada’s refugee screening process. Many, including me, were concerned about it in light of the #ParisAttacks and the ensuing threats and security issues around the world. But from what I have heard and read about Canada’s screening process, all refugees will go through multiple layers of checks, and there seems to be no chance of ISIS operatives sneaking in with them.

My heart is also warmed by how Montrealers are rallying around the effort to resettle the Syrian refugees. People are really pulling together to provide clothes and other necessities . . . and love. Yes, I know that sounds corny, but this whole effort is about love of the brotherly/sisterly nature.

Montrealers are putting out the welcome mat . . . and at the same time, overcoming fear and telling ISIS where to shove it!

— Jillian