#ISIS: What will it take to end its reign of terror?

The mushroom cloud of the atomic bombing of the Japanese city of Nagasaki on August 9, 1945 rose some 11 miles (18 km) above the bomb's hypocenter. (Photo: Wikipedia)
The mushroom cloud of the atomic bombing of the Japanese city of Nagasaki on August 9, 1945, rose some 11 miles (18 km) above the bomb’s hypocenter. (Photo: Wikipedia)

What is it going to take to stop the current wave of terrorist madness threatening to sweep the world?

I fear the worst.

I fear it will be a Hiroshima- or Nagasaki-style of bombing by one of the major superpowers, reacting to an attack on their soil.

A moment of irrational anger, and to hell with the collateral damage . . . boom . . . thousands upon thousands upon thousands of people vaporized in Syria or Iraq in a flash, leaving radiation fallout that will drift far and wide . . .

Yes, they will kill the leader of ISIS and his deluded band of losers in the flash that shakes the world, leaving the lone wolf terrorists around the world with no master to serve. They will crawl back under the rocks, and we’ll never hear from them again.

And the world might actually be peaceful for some years, as we pause on the anniversaries of the big one . . .

— Jillian

16 thoughts on “#ISIS: What will it take to end its reign of terror?

  1. It will ultimately take the changing of the hearts and minds of Muslims. Transforming Islam to a religion of peace and humanity. That will be much more difficult than defeating them on the battlefield, if it can be done at all.


  2. How to stop terrorists:
    Stop being terrorized.

    It’s really that simple. When does the bully in school stop being a bully? When no one is afraid of him.

    When a country responds with tighter security, border closings, fewer freedoms (USA) – the terrorist wins. When a country says to the terrorists, “fuck you” and goes about business as usual, the terrorists lose. (France).

    A nuclear attack would be the ultimate terrorist prize. The goal of the terrorists is to highlight the war on Muslims, which the US Republican candidates are all too happy to oblige. The US led war on Muslims is a recruiting tool, so any military response by the West is exactly what the terrorists want.

    The Fox News party is all too happy to play their game. I fear the American conservatives and their war profiteers far, far more than the terrorists.

    When you cease to be terrorized, the terrorists take their ball and go elsewhere.


      1. “An aggressive military response is precisely what ISIS wants”

        “It’s important to remember why groups like ISIS mount large-scale spectacle terrorist attacks against Western targets in the first place: to provoke a dramatic military reaction that brings moderate Muslims around the world into agreeing with its worldview. ”

        “[Bush] responded with precisely the cosmic dualism that those who carried out the attacks had intended to provoke.”

        “We must beware – Isis wants the west to conduct a crusade”

        “That is exactly why Isis stages the monstrous beheadings that have mesmerised us all. If they can provoke the west into what they will call a crusade they can count on growing support from marginalised Muslims both in the Middle East and in countries such as Britain and France.”

        “Paris attack was an Isis attempt to provoke a military response”

        “It’s a mistake to blame all Muslims for what happened in Paris, unless you want to blame all Catholics for IRA bombings, or all Protestants for the KKK.

        It’s a mistake to think that closing the door on Syrian refugees fleeing ISIS would in any way help to counter those murderers in Paris.

        It’s a mistake to think another invasion will solve a problem in large part caused by the West’s botched invasion of Iraq.

        But there’s an even more important reason not to go down that path: it’s stupid.

        Why? Because it’s exactly what ISIS wants.”

        ISIS knows that the only way it can gain traction among Muslims is by creating a war of civilisations, where the West is turned against the Muslim world and vice-versa, and where the citizens in Western countries turn against their Muslim minorities.

        This is what the Paris attacks were about – provoking both a militarily response and hostility against Muslim minorities in France and other Western countries.”

        “Don’t Give ISIS What It Wants”

        “Despite the obvious failures of America’s first War on Terror, you can feel the fight-or-flight logic of post-attack anxiety pushing us toward yet another messy conflict that’s likely to do more harm than good. This, in a country already habituated to the specter of Islamic terror, is the template of our mourning, our sorrow, and our anger. It’s not hard to hear echoes of President George W. Bush’s post-9/11 ‘you’re either with us or against us’ mantra. But this is exactly what ISIS wants.”

        Of course, there is the Fox News Party candidates:

        ‘”We should declare war and harness all of the power that the United States can bring to bear both diplomatic and military, of course, to be able to take out ISIS,” former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” of what he would do as President to fight the terrorist group whose attacks in Paris Friday killed at least 129 and injured scores of others.’

        ‘South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham was even more direct with his policy prescription, warning of another 9/11 “coming from Syria” if the U.S. doesn’t take significant new military action in the region.

        Trump says he would bomb the shit out of ISIS.

        Count on FOX News to blame it on Obama

        “CNN’s Jim Acosta, in language simply not used in White House news conferences, asked Obama today in Turkey: ‘Why can’t we take out these bastards?'”

        A military response to ISIS is reinforcing Islamic State’s message that western infidels are attacking and killing Muslims, attracting more recruits. This makes FOX news allies with ISIS.


      2. What I was asking you for Steve, was a reference in history where a halfhearted response was effective in eliminating a barbaric enemy of religious zealots.

        I know where you got your arguments. It is exactly what Obama has been spewing. But telling Americans not to over react, we will get them eventually demonstrates he is playing politics, not defending his country and protecting the American people. But he has that leftist mental disease.

        Obama is more interested in spreading Islam to the US. He is following the European model. 97% of refugees are Muslim. The Christians are left behind to be crucified. Obama says it would be shameful to have a religious test. There are 0% Christians in ISIS. They are 100% Muslims, but Obama will tell you ISIS is not Muslim because Islam is a religion of peace. Law enforcement has not been allowed to focus on Muslims because that would have been prejudicial.

        Obama characterizes ISIS as a ragtag bunch of malcontents as did much of Europe so refuses to take them seriously.


      3. Cruiser, your hatred, bigotry and phobias are front and center. There is absolutely no facts to back up your obvious prejudice.

        At no point did I mention Obama except for “as usual Fox blames Obama”. Fox brainwashes it’s viewers with so much crap that a septic system is cleaner. FYI, Obama is not Muslim.

        There is no religious test for entry or office in the US, and despite the Fox candidates campaign promises, such a test would be illegal.

        Sinclair Lewis said in the 1930s: when fascism comes to America that it will be wrapped in the flag, sing the national anthem, carry a cross and be called, “Americanism”. The ISIS allies at Fox News are following every tenet of Lewis’ thesis. As, apparently, so do you.

        In fact if you read “It Can’t Happen Here” (1935) by Sinclair Lewis, change the names and dates, he pretty well describes today’s Republican party.

        Which is why I fear the Republican party far, far more than ISIS. ISIS is just a pinprick to what damage the Republican party wants to do to the USA.


  3. hmmm. Fried ISIS. A little salt & pepper please. Seriously, we may get lucky because if they manage to let off a bio-chem attack in Europe or NA that will make the UN declare the use of a military option. And then everybody will be more than willing to test their arsenal in the desert %O


  4. What if? 52 years ago today John Fitzgerald Kennedy was assassinated. I wonder what he would have done? But that was then, this is now. For the History


  5. The natural response is to hit back. And we should, but not indiscriminately and with civilian deaths. That is exactly what ISIS wants. Without infiltrators inside ISIS providing targeting information, this is pretty difficult.

    Anonymous has a more promising plan to hit ISIS by destroying their communications network.


    1. I agree with you. I don’t think nuking anybody a la Hiroshima is the answer, and I am sure that has been President Obama’s approach. But with Mr. Putin involved now and China making noise about joining the fight, I’m not so sure about their approach. It could get very ugly.


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