The Toronto Star has a good report today by Mark Bulgutch with the headline: How much profit does Bell really need?

Indeed. That’s something a lot of us have been asking recently, after parent company BCE reported a net profit of $791 million for Q3 and then slashed 300 media jobs across the country, including our beloved Rob Kemp and Ronny Mack at CHOM-FM in Montreal.

Here’s a quote that touches — and saddens — me:

About 300 people are losing their jobs. That’s 300 individual stories of heartache and sadness with the knock-on effects on spouses and children. — Mark Bulgutch

And a month before Christmas, too.

Talk about the grinch who stole Christmas. if you’re wondering where he got to, look no farther than the BCE boardroom.

Mark also notes that this is a sad day for journalism, and the subhead over the article reminds us: “Bell Media’s recent round of newsroom layoffs is a reminder of the threat to journalism that corporate conglomerates pose.”

Especially corporate monsters that evolved from phone companies.

But, you know, we consumers don’t have to support companies like BCE, do we . . .

Just sayin’ . . .

— Jillian

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