#BellMedia petition: What if?

Yes, what if someone started a petition on change.org asking Bell Media to reinstate the 300 or so employees it laid off last week?

What if Bell Media replied by saying, yes, we made a thoughtless mistake, that the ends — to raise eps by a few pennies — did not justify the means?

Hey, everybody makes mistakes, eh? Sorry about that.

What if, in the spirit of Christmas at the very least, it set an example to all corporations by reminding them that doing business is more than about the bottom line, especially when the bottom line is already fat?

And what if the millions of Canadians who might sign the petition didn’t have to because Bell Media quickly rehired those employees, not in the spirit of good public relations, but because it is simply the right thing to do?

And what if those of us who are boycotting their stations and are about to cut their Bell services didn’t have to go to all that bother, and could happily tune in their stations again?

What a wonderful Christmas story that would be, huh?

Yes, you may say I’m a dreamer, but I know I’m not the only one.

“When all are one and one is all . . .”

— Jillian Page


6 thoughts on “#BellMedia petition: What if?

  1. Unfortunately I see no change in the big Banks so why should we expect any change from the big Three Media?! Hate to rain on your picnic but we are just cows to these companies because that’s the way we want them(and their Corporate poobas) “to protect us” from the “competition” of the big bad world(wolves) outside the borders. Meantime the Shareholders are about the only people who make the $$. Several economists and financial gurus have all ready made it clear that when it comes to “risk” Canadians in general are “C”onservative regardless of Party affiliation and social-economic background %|


      1. You could contact the Liberal MP for your riding and tell him/her to get on the case in Ottawa. But I’m not going to hold my breath %D


      2. I’m not holding my breath, either. People are pretty complacent, which is why conglomerates get away with so many things.

        And then there’s the Charbonneau commission report today. See how corruption spreads . . .


  2. Re:” You forget the power of voices and social media”. You chose to moderate my comments about the PQ and its’ association with PKP’s comglomerate, Given the layoffs of journalists, lockouts, etc. Imposed by PKP upon the brothers and sisters within your industry I thought that it might bear some perspective upon your political outlook. Just saying.


    1. Hi, Janet.

      Actually, I did respond to your comment, left both yours and mine there for a while, then removed them because I felt they were off-topic for that particular thread (which wasn’t this one).

      If I recall, you were taking me to task for my empathy for the sovereignist movement, which is a subject unto itself best left for another post. But, I am no supporter of PKP — a bad choice for leader, in my opinion. However, I do think the PQ under Madame Marois would be doing a better job of running the province now than the arrogant Liberals are — who support their corporate pals like Bombardier and won’t give public sector workers fair deals.


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