#ISIS on drugs: They know not what they do?

It makes sense: keep the fighters stoned, and they’ll be desensitized when they commit barbaric crimes against innocent humanity. And they will feel that they are invincible. And they won’t feel the hunger pangs and sleep deprivation that comes with being in the trenches. In short, they will be robots.

That, according to a Macleans article, pretty much sums up what is “fueling ISIS” members. It’s not the first time drugs have been used to get “warriors” to murder people. It’s a technique that has been used through the ages.

And it answers the question many in the West have been asking: How could young people who have joined ISIS with some dream of making the world a utopia become monstrous killing machines in the twinkle of someone’s eye?

Well, we know now, and it puts the foot soldiers of ISIS in a new light.

But what about the sick brain(s) behind the organization, the ones who are not on drugs? What motivates them to delude people and use them in such fashion? Do they not have a conscience?

Obviously, there is a psychological issue for them, some sort of dissociative disorder. They compartmentalize distasteful things, lock them up, as if they don’t exist.

We see the same sort of disorders to greater and lesser degrees throughout society: the individual in a very profitable company who makes the decision to slash hundreds of jobs a month before Christmas, for example, in the name of increasing eps by a few pennies. How does that person look at himself or herself in the mirror afterward? Answer: they don’t think any further about what they have done.

We live in a world in which people compartmentalize a lot of things. Even the good, simple salt of the earth types have to compartmentalize things: we don’t allow ourselves to think of the slaughterhouses when we eat meat, for example. I could cite more examples, but you get the point.

And so it goes . . .

We humans are not as evolved as many might think we are.

— Jillian

5 thoughts on “#ISIS on drugs: They know not what they do?

  1. My, what planet have you been living on? Of course there is this place in California called Beverly Hills. One thing, you have to live behind gated walls, armed guards and Rottweillers to have a quality-of-life %P


  2. There is absolutely no evidence that ISIS soldiers are using any drugs. Just religious zealotry being brainwashed from birth. In this christian extremists and islamic extremists are exactly alike.


      1. Yes. The article says “appears to” and “may be” with reference to ISIS. Even then the only ISIS mentioned are on the front lines in Iraq and Syria. That’s hardly definitive evidence that ISIS terrorists are on ant mind altering drugs. Amphetamines are not mind altering by themselves, but the user does feel superhuman for a while. The only mind-altering came from their family beginning at birth in the form of religious brain-washing. Exactly the same with Christians.


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