American Thanksgiving

The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth, oil on canvas by Jennie Augusta Brownscombe, 1914. (Wikipedia)
The First Thanksgiving at Plymouth, oil on canvas by Jennie Augusta Brownscombe, 1914. (Wikipedia)

Thanksgiving is not a major holiday here in Quebec, but it is an important holiday for many Americans — I had the opportunity some years back to enjoy an American Thanksgiving with the family of a friend in Vermont. It was as special as some of those Hallmark TV programs make it out to be.

To our American friends: I am thankful — and honoured — that you read my blog and participate in discussions here. And I bet some of the other Canadians reading here feel the same way about your participation.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

(And watch your waistlines, eh?)


— Jillian

4 thoughts on “American Thanksgiving

  1. Like many holidays, the original purpose/meaning has been lost, especially considering the current atmosphere of ‘it wasn’t such a nice thing after all’.

    I think for most of us it’s a rare opportunity to gather family and friends together. Most of the ‘thankfulness’ comes from that camaraderie.

    Several years ago, having been diagnosed as terminally ill (don’t make plans for Thanksgiving) we expected and planned for no family visiting. Instead, they ALL showed up!

    We still don’t know how we managed it, but two ‘Meals on Wheels’ plates fed a dozen people, along with whatever we could dig out of the frig!

    That was the best Thanksgiving, hell, DAY of my life! Truly thankful for that!


    1. Aww, that IS what Thanksgiving is all about. I felt that when I went to Vermont, and I feel it from your comment here, and from the “thank-you” comments from others responding to this post.

      It is a time to count blessings, yes?


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