No matter how you feel about Russia’s stance on Syria, I think you have to agree that Vladimir Putin made some good points today, after Turkey shot down a Russian plane and then soldiers on the ground shot and killed he pilot as he parachuted down — a violation of the Geneva Convention apparently. Stilll, the United States defended Turkey’s actions . . .

Mr. Putin said this: “Our pilots and our plane never threatened the Republic of Turkey in any way. This is an obvious fact.”

He also said the pilots were not forewarned, as Turkey claimed, and that Russia’s plane was not in Turkish airspace — and Russia proved it later.

Incidentally, as some on Twitter reported, the attack on the Russian plane came a day after Russia allegedly bombed an oil tanker belonging to the son of the Turkish leader. Coincidence?

Also explain this: how is it news cameramen were sent to film the attack in advance if Turkey was not planning to do it.

Even more damning evidence against Turkey: It may be a bigger supporter of ISIS than anybody imagined, at least one report is saying. A senior Western official is reportedly saying — in a Business Insider report — that links between the two are undeniable.

There are other reports that Saudi Arabia has been backing ISIS, and Mr. Putin has made reference to other countries also backing the terrorist group.

ISIS itself want to start World War III. It has made it clear that it wants to provoke a fight between the world’s superpowers, figuring ISIS will somehow emerge from the ashes to be a global leader. Of course, if it came to the major superpowers duking it out, Syria, Turkey and Saudi Arabia would probably get blown off the map early on.

I don’t see the superpowers going down that road . . .

I hope not.

— Jillian