San Bernardino: What now?

“What can I say. We like to fight.”

That was the response from a right-wing columnist in the United States when I asked him why there was so much quarreling in that country over LGBTQ issues.

Nothing personal, it seems. If they weren’t fighting over LGBTQ issues, they would find something else to fight over. It’s not the issue that is important, you see: it is only a purported means to an end, which is to fight. The LGBTQ issues are a false pretense, especially for insecure religious fundamentalists seeking to empower themselves.

So, if you somehow managed to pass legislation across the land removing all guns and bullets from the hands of civilians, no doubt there would be a reduction in the numbers of mass shootings in America.

But, what about lone-wolf terrorists like the lunatics in San Bernardino? If they had not been able to get their hands on guns, would they have found another way to murder all those innocent people?

I think so.

Truth is, if a person is intent on committing acts of terrorism, he or she will find a way to do it: think suicide bombers. Think of how many more might have died in San Bernardino if those two terrorists were suicide bombers.

I can’t help but think that someone with a handgun at the party in San Bernardino might have been able to shoot the two terrorists, but nobody could have prevented the detonations of suicide bombers.

So, once again, the question of gun control comes up: in California, they are talking about tightening the rules, but not banning guns altogether. That is not going to happen.

The gun control issue may be a red herring, at least in this case. The real issue: insecure people are increasingly seeing ISIS-style terrorism as a means to personal empowerment, as in “If I can’t feel secure, I’ll make sure you won’t feel secure, either, and that will give me a sense of security knowing I have that power over you.”

It’s a vicious circle.

How does America, and the rest of the world, get at the root of the problem? How does it break the increasingly vicious circle that is trending around the world?

Will defeating ISIS — and killing its psychopath leader — go a long way toward solving the problem?

Or has he set humanity into a spiral that will ultimately destroy civilization as we know it, and result in the deaths of billions of people — Muslims and Christians alike?

— Jillian

10 thoughts on “San Bernardino: What now?

  1. “Because it’s 2015”. But he is affluent enough to speak it. In the end it’s will always be about SDR&R(you know what that means.) et al: Religion, Economics, Psychology(especially sex aka Porn), The bingos say this is “human nature” aka condition. Again, I believe MN will be the final arbitrator. And maybe not such a bad thing as She can teach us(mankind.) true humility. Christmas is coming


    1. Hey JP. Good time to get into the “target range + gun club biz”!! Big $$ to be made. Because as one expert says: “buying a gun and expecting to protect yourself is Like buying a piano and expecting to play it. And he’s not talking ‘Chopsticks’ ” Laquan McDonald here we come %P


      1. I believe that started 14K years ago. They were called “clovis” rocks. Few people would know how to make a “working” one now for their Life. Probably some Indigenous would. But alas, bullets rule. Me, I’m waiting for the Phaser guns. I believe they’re working on them right now. Any suggestions for Christmas vino? %P%* PS. oh, another $$ scheme. Cartridge necklaces. Think they would be big sellers. I kid you not %D


  2. The right-wing has to have a boogey man. Over history it’s been indians, blacks, jews, irish, polish, conservatives, mexicans – anyone who is not like them. They thrive on hate and fear, and if there is no one to hate, they make up some reason to hate, and fear.

    You said: “I can’t help but think that someone with a handgun at the party in San Bernardino might have been able to shoot the two terrorists”

    Right, and how many people behind them would be hit because of your missed shots. And when the police come in, they aren’t going to stop and ask if you’re a good guy with a gun – no, you will be dead.

    Just another in a long line of really dumb ideas.

    And suppose there were two good guys with guns there – would they be shooting at each other just because they saw a gun in the other’s hands?

    No, “good guys with guns” is a fable made up by the NRA. That scenario rarely happens and then rarely with good results. For every good guy with a gun story, there’s a hundred more dead people. (Troll bait). In the US, 90 people A DAY die from gun violence.

    Or, as they say in europe, just another day in the US.


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