Speaking of summertime and being by the water . . .

The Auckland Outdoor Naturist Club in Swanson, West Auckland, put out a call for new members last month. Apparently, most of the club’s members — which number about 250 — are over 40, and they would like to see more young people join. It’s something many naturist clubs — whether landed or not — can relate to, I think.

A report on the stuff.co.nz site says the club once had as many as 850 members. Today’s members are “made up of a mixture of permanent residents, holidaymakers and day visitors” and come from around the world.

Hmm . . . Looking outside my bedroom window at the fresh snow that fell last night, the Auckland club sure is enticing. It’s located on 26 acres of “bush” and “members can make the most of facilities including a salt water pool, spas, mini-golf course, bush walks, and take parts in events such as sports days and even nude bingo.”

Oh, and they have dress-up events, too.

Says Don Broughman, one of the club’s caretakers: “Being a naturist community you think of everyone being naked all the time but we have dress-up events where everyone gets really into it. There’s all kinds of characters here. It’s the friendliest place you’ll ever be. There’s no pretense. There’s a saying that the first lie you tell is the clothes you wear – take those away, it’s just you.”

Amen to that last sentence.

The report says the club is one of some 20 naturist clubs and residence on the island — which, you know, sounds like the kind of island I would like to be stranded on during a Quebec winter.

Or maybe all the time.

New Zealand is reportedly renowned for its clothing-optional beaches.

Reports a site called Nude Beaches New Zealand, which features a comprehensive guide: “A number of New Zealand beaches have been frequented over the years by naturists and skinny dippers and have customary nude status and as such will not attract undue attention from the prudish or nude averse community. Also because New Zealand has no laws directly forbidding public nudity, those of us who wish to bath nude on our beaches are free to do so if we show respect and are discrete and mindful of others when swimming or bathing naturally (see our guidelines page).”

— Jillian

One of many New Zealand beaches. (Wikimedia Commons)
One of many New Zealand beaches. (Wikimedia Commons)