The view outside my window on Sunday, Jan. 3, 2016. (Photo: Jillian Page)
The view outside my window on Sunday, Jan. 3, 2016. (Photo: Jillian Page)

No, the above isn’t a black and white photo. It’s in full living colour, at least, as about as much colour as you can see today from my bedroom window. Look carefully and you might catch hints of greens beneath the snow on some of the cedar tree branches . . .

This view explains why I have been dreaming of sandy beaches in warm places, like New Zealand. Yes, you might think all that snow is pretty in a postcard sort of way. And it is, for about five minutes. But we’ll have to face this for the next three months now, day in, day out . . .

I shouldn’t be complaining, I suppose. Until a week ago, there was no snow to be seen in these parts. Winter has had a late start this year. But it has made up for it in the past week, dumping about 50 centimetres on us. And tonight it will dip to below minus-20C, and a cold snap will be with us for at least a couple of days until returning to more balmy temperatures near the freezing mark.

So, you can understand why I have been pining for clothing-optional beaches in posts here recently. I find I do more writing about nudism/naturism in the winter than I do in the summer . . . I don’t need to explain why, do I.

Anyway, the snow seems to have stopped falling, so out I go to clean off my car. I’ll plug in the block heater late tonight so it starts easily tomorrow . . . when I return to work after two weeks off.

Unless, of course, someone can airlift me out of here and take me to New Zealand, where I can while away my life on a beach . . . I wouldn’t even need to pack a suitcase!

— Jillian