Saudi Arabia is drawing a lot of criticism around the world today after it executed an outspoken Shiite cleric last week. It also executed some 47 others, 43 of whom are alleged to have been Al-Qaeda terrorists.

I’m not hearing any complaints about the executions of the Al-Qaeda people. I suspect many people are glad to see the last of them. And let’s be honest: Al-Qaeda and ISIS are probably just shrugging off the losses, as in “live by the sword, die by the sword.”

Al-Qaeda and ISIS have committed horrible atrocities in which they’ve taken the lives of thousands of innocent people. They are ruthless cowards who attack unarmed and unsuspecting people who have done them no personal harm.

But the Shiite cleric is another story. According to reports, he criticized the Saudi kingdom’s treatment of its Shiite minority, but he apparently did not advocate violence. Still, he was convicted on terrorism-related charges along with the rest of the condemned.

There is obviously much more going on here than meets the eye — particularly involving Iran, which has loudly condemned the execution of the cleric and has stated there will be “divine” retribution for the Saudi regime. And it wouldn’t surprise me if there is an ISIS connection . . .

Will we see Iran attack Saudi Arabia? Will we see a much larger conflict in the region, playing into ISIS’s hands and desires?

I dunno where this is going, if anywhere. I’d like to hear from reader.

What say you about this development?

— Jillian