A daily shower?

How often do you shower?

I ask because the on-air personality of my new fave radio station — 99.9 The Buzz FM — in  Burlington, Vermont, was just talking about some report that says Americans shower too often.

So, I must be American, because I shower every day. I’m talking about long, hedonistic showers. And if I owned a hot tub and had more time, I’d be soaking in it every day, too.

Yes, I love being in hot water . . . the literal type.

Still, now I’m wondering if all the hot water I’ve been in throughout my life has contributed to the lines and wrinkles in my face, which I combat with expensive toners, “custom-repair serums” and moisturizers (with moderate success).

Could I have saved myself a lot of money by simply not showering as often? (Of course, I would still have to wash my face every day to take off all the makeup and stuff.)

I dunno. I need a shower just to get going in the morning, along with coffee.

What say you about showering? Daily? Every second day? Or . . .?

— Jillian

24 thoughts on “A daily shower?

  1. Yes daily showers in the morning along with nude coffee, a most refreshing way to start the day. A nice hot soak in our Jacuzzi tube using Epsom salts is also refreshing and leaves the skin soft and smooth.

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  2. I shower every other day since I rarely wear clothes and I don’t do enough physical work to sweat. Does it help my appearance? I don’t know but I’ve been carded when a theater doesn’t think I qualify as a senior, and I am 67.

    If I do get off my butt and do any sweat-generating work, like clearing the driveway of snow, I do shower.

    But, if we had a hot tub, we would be in it at least once a day.

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    1. I’m also 67 and agree that’s too young for “senior” label, but I’ll still take the discount. I shower about every 2 or 3 days unless I do something to get sweaty or dirty. I also use the hot tub outside depending on weather and indoor pool at a fitness center sometimes.


  3. There are parts of me that need cleansing daily. Yet here in the Western US, water is scarce. So I often simply run water over me, shut the water off to soap up, and turn it back on to rinse. Uses maybe a quarter as much water while getting me just as clean. 🙂

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    1. That’s an interesting point: it would be unreasonable to shower daily in a place where water is scarce. We have no such scarcity in this part of the world, where we take water for granted. In Quebec alone, where I live, there are said to be one million lakes and rivers — I live by a lake.

      But if I lived in a place with a limited amount of water, I would probably only shower twice a week, and use a facecloth to clean myself the rest of the time.

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  4. My wife showers twice daily … once in the morning, which is usually a hot water rinse and to wash her hair 4 times a week. Then again in the evening which is a full scrubbing, body wash shower, before bed.

    I shower once, maybe twice depending on activity. If I’m working, get sweaty and soiled, I’ll shower as needed but If I shower in the mornings and do nothing throughout the day, there’s no reason for me to shower at night.

    We too live in a place where the water is scarce and we are in a severe drought. Many different methods of saving water or not wasting water have been instituted in our every day life. Being nudists, minimal clothes washing saves lots of water!

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  5. I wash my hair twice a week, which is also when I take a full shower. Might supplement in between depending on heat and sweat, but not for hair. I don’t do a dirty job, I suck at going to the gym, and natural body oils are good.

    I *do* love hot water, no question, but my showers are (almost) no longer than they need to be. Every once in a while I will indulge in a bath.


  6. I used to soak in hot water until I began feeling light-headed open getting out of the tub, and read that cool water is better to shower in. A cool shower does invigorate me and I spend less time there. I shower every day or so.


  7. Every morning here. Sometimes twice a day during the hot season. You made me remember that once my sister went to the UK and the family she stayed with thought that she had a skin condition because she took daily showers.


  8. Definitely a daily showerer here! It`s more for functional (rather than hedonistic) purposes – my morning hair can be a killer, and a hot shower in the morning allows me to press `reset`on things and get it all back under control.

    Jochanaan1 does raise a very good point – I imagine many of us here are blessed with seemingly-ample supplies of water such that we can indulge in such a luxury as daily showers.

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  9. I shower every day as a wake up devise as well as that wonderful refreshing feeling, and would stay in there longer if I had the time.
    Once in a while, I over-sleep and have to head out the door with a quick wash. Then I tend to feel crappy all day. My bed-head needs to be controlled too.
    In the summer, I definitely need a daily shower and if I am doing yard work, I need that extra (quick) one. I like feeling refreshed. If I lived by a lake, that would be my wake up choice.


    1. I can relate to feeling “crappy” if I don’t get my daily shower before I go to work. It’s not so bad if I am staying home and miss a daily shower. But I don’t feel right if I go to work without showering first.

      As for living by a lake in frozen Quebec, there are only a few months in the year when it is “warm” enough to swim in, and even then, one would never wash with any sorts of soaps in the water for fear of polluting it. People use the lake as their source of drinking water.

      Still, a morning plunge would certainly wake you up in a hurry. The lake is always cool if not cold in the summertime.



  10. I need to shower at least once a day! Minimum once a day. I need my shower more than I need a cup of coffee. If I do not shower I am not functional. I also – like you – take long hedonistic showers. And when I have sore muscles or a sore lower back I just let that hot water do its therapy.

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