How often do you shower?

I ask because the on-air personality of my new fave radio station — 99.9 The Buzz FM — in  Burlington, Vermont, was just talking about some report that says Americans shower too often.

So, I must be American, because I shower every day. I’m talking about long, hedonistic showers. And if I owned a hot tub and had more time, I’d be soaking in it every day, too.

Yes, I love being in hot water . . . the literal type.

Still, now I’m wondering if all the hot water I’ve been in throughout my life has contributed to the lines and wrinkles in my face, which I combat with expensive toners, “custom-repair serums” and moisturizers (with moderate success).

Could I have saved myself a lot of money by simply not showering as often? (Of course, I would still have to wash my face every day to take off all the makeup and stuff.)

I dunno. I need a shower just to get going in the morning, along with coffee.

What say you about showering? Daily? Every second day? Or . . .?

— Jillian