I don’t think LGBT people should take the following too personally: ISIL Continues to Brutalize LGBT People. That’s the headline over an item posted by the Human Rights Campaign on Jan. 4.

Apparently, ISIS executed a 15-year-old boy recently for being “gay.” More than 30 LGBT people have reportedly been executed by ISIS, HRC says.

“These barbaric acts (against LGBT people) must not be tolerated by the international community, and we stand in solidarity with the global community in condemning them in the strongest possible terms,” HRC writes.

While I applaud HRC for its work, the report’s focus on LGBT people is somewhat myopic: we all know that ISIS is an equal opportunist terrorist group when it comes to murdering innocent people. They don’t need much of a reason to torture and kill; they do it because that’s what turns them on. It’s all very much a sexual perversion for them, the foreplay leading to the rape of women and goats — which is justifiable in what’s left of their limited brain capacity.

The LGBT people they have slain are among thousands upon thousands upon thousands of victims of this pathetic group of sick, cowardly terrorists who kill anyone — man, woman or child, gay or not — who doesn’t fall in line with their lobotomized primitive view of how life should be lived, i.e. women and goats exist only to be sexually abused by members of ISIS’s subhuman patriarchy.

(Yes, I know I am getting carried away in my description of the psychopathic males who have joined ISIS — no doubt they did so because raping a woman or a goat is the only way these slimy scumbags will ever get layed. It’s all about their cocks.)

Anyhow, I just thought I would add the above to the HRC report. I just wanted to remind everyone that ISIS is more than an anti-LGBT group: ISIS is an anti-human group with ambitions of slaughtering most of the 8 billion people on the planet and enslaving those who remain by turning them into depraved zombies, like those who killed the 15-year-old boy.

And, keeping in mind my New Year’s resolutions, it’s also worth remembering that those who committed the crimes were once humans, too . . . for what that’s worth.

— Jillian