“And President Obama’s tears started rolling today, and it was real.  But who else in Washington, or elsewhere, will cry with him as our children die from these bullets?”

Those are the closing words of a good and somewhat touching column by David A. Love on thegrio.com, commenting on the president’s remarks yesterday about gun violence in the United States.

He points out that the president is largely helpless to stop gun violence in the United States. He can’t wave a magic wand and make it all better.

He points out the “lack of political will to solve the problem.”

He points out that most mass murders in the United States are committed by white people, and that suicide is more prevalent among whites.

He points out a lot more — yes, including the profits reaped by gun manufacturers.

We’ve talked here before about gun control in the U.S., the lack thereof, and the supposed right and debatable need to bear arms. I’ve been on both sides of the issue — yes, sometimes a devil’s advocate, too.

Today, I’m neutral and am asking you: Do you feel America has an “unhealthy gun culture”? (Yes, it might seem to be a dumb question to many people, but I have to ask.)

What can and/or should America do to cure its “unhealthy gun culture”?

Or is curing it at this point an impossible dream?

— Jillian