How do you read the news?

There are so many ways to read the news these days: on your desktop or laptop or tablet, on your smartphone and the good old-fashioned way, print on real paper.

You probably use all three methods, as well as watch the news on TV and listen to it on the radio. However, it is beginning to look like smartphones are emerging as the top choice by many for reading the news.

What about you. When it comes to reading news articles, which method do you mostly find yourself using these days?

— Jillian

6 thoughts on “How do you read the news?

  1. Newspapers (yes more than one), Internet and TV. Smartphone, never I only use it for emails both business and personal and various methods of messaging.


  2. Since I work at home I’m near a laptop for much of the day, so that’s mostly how I get online news — often from Twitter links. I read the weekend Globe and Mail in print. Not in the car too often, but when I am I will often hear CBC news.


  3. With glasses. Aging boomer. But the Millennials will get theirs in time. I’m just ahead of them. Oops, they might have 6$m eyes by that time. oh, the “times they are a changing”. The “big” question: is all of it for the good? Smart-ass guy – lol %P


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