This post originally appeared in LGBT Perspectives.

Lesbian sex was rampant in women’s prison!, screams numerous headlines in one form or another over reports about a new book by actress Teresa Giudice.

OMG! Say it ain’t so, Teresa.

Sigh . . .

Actually, Teresa, no kidding, eh? And I bet gay sex is rampant in men’s prison’s, too.

So what?

Well, “rampant lesbian sex in women’s prison” sells books and draws clicks to websites, right?

And the actress has written one such book about her year as an inmate at the Danbury (Connecticut) Correctional Institute — where she, of course, didn’t take on a lover.

She says it wasn’t only gay women engaging in sex. Apparently,  other women became “gay for the stay.”

Again, so what? This is a nothing story, even if Time magazine picked it up along with the usual collection of gossip publications.

People in prison have sexual desires, too. It is a well-known fact that there is a lot of so-called “homosexual” goings-on in both men’s and women’s prisons.

It is no big deal.

As for those who become “gay for the stay,” they were probably bisexual people in  the first place who believe in the not-that-old rock adage, “If you can’t be with the one you love, love the one you’re with.”

Reportedly, Page 6 says, Danbury inmates are upset about the “allegations,” saying Giudice wasted an opportunity to say something worthwhile in her book, which was written with former People reporter K.C. Baker.

— Jillian