I have often thought that it is the thought of death, with no belief in an afterlife, that makes some people angry and turns them bad.

What use is anything, they might reason? There are no long-term consequences to their actions, no heaven or hell, no karma that will follow them into future lives.

And so they lash out at the world, committing violent crimes against individuals and against humanity . . .

In the long run, what difference does it make now that, say, Billy the Kid killed 21 men before he himself was shot down?

Indeed, what difference will anything man does make in the long run, when the species is extinct?

It will be as if we were never here at all . . .


I, of course, believe there is a part of each of us, a spark, that is immortal, that we are manifestations of something greater, and that it is no more surprising to live twice as it is to live once, to paraphrase Voltaire.

How about you?

Only one life to live?

Or myriad manifestations?

Or, metaphysically speaking, life is but a dream?

— Jillian