There’s a reason why Canada only has a population of 35 million and our neighbours to the south have 350 million: weather.

More specifically, winter. Even more specifically: snow and ice.

Have I mentioned this before?

Of course I have, round about this time of the year.

Yes, it is cabin fever time again — and I am soooooo sick of winter.

Oh, yes, there is yet another storm bearing down on us on Wednesday, with subsequent snow and rain and snow falling right into next week.

It occurred to me today, while having a hot shower courtesy of the artificial life-support system we humans have set up so that we can live in this country, that Mother Nature has the upper hand, no matter what mankind thinks it is doing to the environment.

A huff and a puff from Mother Nature, and all our hydro-electricity towers can come crashing down — as we witnessed to some extent during the Great Ice Storm of 1998.

Take away our artificial life-support systems permanently, and the Canadian population would fall to a million or so — only the heartiest survivalists could exist here.

It’s no wonder that so many Syrian refugees turned down the offer to resettle in Canada, apparently, given this land’s weather reputation.

Yes, we northerners do walk and drive on rather thick ice — the thicker the worse.

Why o’ why o’ why am I not living in California! Why didn’t I move there when I had the opportunity — yes, I really did have the opportunity — when I was a teenager? I would be established there now, perhaps a movie star . . .

Sigh . . .


— Jillian