Cellulite . . .

The word makes me shudder, in a strictly personal context: I don’t want any on my body. None!

So, when I spied what appeared to be a wee bit forming at the upper part of my inner thighs, well, I knew it was time to ramp up my exercise program . . . which really wasn’t a program at all because I don’t actually have a formal exercise plan.

I do lift some 10-pound hand barbells to keep my arms toned. And I do squats with them, which are supposed to help the thigh muscles. And I have an old stationary exercise bicycle, which I use a few times a week.

Oh, yes, and there is my Thigh Master, á la Suzanne Somers, which I use at work sometimes.

But it is not enough exercise, apparently. I’ve been researching all of this, and I can see that as I get older, I will have to put in more exercise, some 200 minutes a week minimum, if I want to keep my body toned and youthful. And, yes, watch my diet, live like a nun, yada yada yada . . .

My investigation brought me to research about recumbent bikes, which apparently give one a good cardiovascular workout and target the thighs and butt etc. So, I will be purchasing one sometime within the next month.

I’m also planning to pick up a drum kit — the kind you play — because I know from experience that one gets an excellent all-around workout by practising on them a few times a week — for, say, an hour or two per session (I know, my neighbours will hate me). And maybe I’ll join a rock ‘n’ roll band, get rich and famous and have lots of groupies chasing after me . . . but I digress.

How about you? What do you do to keep in shape, and to keep the dreaded cellulite at bay?

— Jillian