Keeping our bodies toned

Cellulite . . .

The word makes me shudder, in a strictly personal context: I don’t want any on my body. None!

So, when I spied what appeared to be a wee bit forming at the upper part of my inner thighs, well, I knew it was time to ramp up my exercise program . . . which really wasn’t a program at all because I don’t actually have a formal exercise plan.

I do lift some 10-pound hand barbells to keep my arms toned. And I do squats with them, which are supposed to help the thigh muscles. And I have an old stationary exercise bicycle, which I use a few times a week.

Oh, yes, and there is my Thigh Master, á la Suzanne Somers, which I use at work sometimes.

But it is not enough exercise, apparently. I’ve been researching all of this, and I can see that as I get older, I will have to put in more exercise, some 200 minutes a week minimum, if I want to keep my body toned and youthful. And, yes, watch my diet, live like a nun, yada yada yada . . .

My investigation brought me to research about recumbent bikes, which apparently give one a good cardiovascular workout and target the thighs and butt etc. So, I will be purchasing one sometime within the next month.

I’m also planning to pick up a drum kit — the kind you play — because I know from experience that one gets an excellent all-around workout by practising on them a few times a week — for, say, an hour or two per session (I know, my neighbours will hate me). And maybe I’ll join a rock ‘n’ roll band, get rich and famous and have lots of groupies chasing after me . . . but I digress.

How about you? What do you do to keep in shape, and to keep the dreaded cellulite at bay?

— Jillian

9 thoughts on “Keeping our bodies toned

  1. I’ve eased off the past couple of years, and not because of wear-and-tear or injury, but I’ve been a runner all my life, and my figure at least is still good. I’ve also used all the cardio exercise equipment over the years … from treadmills to steppers to bikes, etc. What I use these days, what I think is the most versatile and gives one the best overall body workout, is an elliptical. I have a 5 year-old spacesaver NordicTrack elliptical with an adjustable 30° power incline at home … works like a charm and I like it very much. (BTW, did you get your new Camaro yet ?~~ Stephanie


  2. Since cellulite is just subcutaneous fat (it dimples because it’s pushing against connective tissue), it’s probably more about diet than exercise. Activity is good, of course, but it’s so much easier to put calories in than to work them off (we are very efficient machines).

    I’m in reasonable shape. My only exercise is walking — I suck at working out. 🙂 I eat pretty much what I want, small portions (key), fairly sensible — more or less a Mediterranean diet. Mostly eat in, careful when eating out.


    1. I’m not actually sure if I’m getting cellulite or if my thighs are trying to, er, relax.

      Anyhow, I’m on the case.

      I don’t overeat or anything — if anything, I don’t eat enough.


  3. I just came across this quote in a student exhibit at Massachusetts College of Art, “There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. That is the true essence of beauty.” – Steve Maraboli

    I don’t know much about this Steve Maraboli, but those are pretty good words to live by, I believe.

    Also, your non-formal exercise program made me feel like I need a nap, already! (How about taking up Taiko drumming?)When it gets warmer, and less ice around, I’ll do a lot more walking, I’ve certainly been on my lazy program this winter.


  4. Every now and then I get this inexplicable, insane urge to just exercize full tilt and burn calories like there’s no tomorrow. I have to lie down until it passes. Sometimes it takes quite a while.


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