Terrorist attacks: How do we stop the madness?

So, how do we stop people from sympathizing with terrorist organizations and staging attacks on innocent people, like we witnessed yet again today in Brussels?

Europe will probably see many more of these types of attacks — from ISIS and Al-Qaeda sympathizers who were already citizens, and from terrorists who entered Europe with the thousand of real refugees. ISIS bragged about it: they claimed some of their agents were among the wave of Syrian refugees. I saw report that talked about thousands of ISIS agents slipping into Europe and fanning out . . .

The answer to my question at the top: cut off the head of the snake, that is, destroy ISIS on the ground in Iraq and Syria. An international ground force will have to go in and flush them out. Obviously, the air and current ground campaign is not enough.

Once ISIS is defeated, their agents around the world will have no devil to serve.

What say you?

— Jillian

P.S. You gotta think that today’s attacks in Brussels will scare a lot of people in the U.S. who will look to the likes of Donald Trump for a solution.

8 thoughts on “Terrorist attacks: How do we stop the madness?

    1. If there were a god, surely It would eradicate the human race, because it certainly looks like madness will prevail and that the terrorists will bring an end to civilization as we know it.


  1. Goes to prove Religion is completely “irrational”. And is not going away any time soon. What do you expect from the biggest monkeys on earth. But territory and property rights are rational. Mother Nature will be the final arbitrator. She-He will pass final judgement. We must really get to Mars %O


  2. ISIS is an ideology. You cannot defeat an ideology. There is no “head” to cut off.

    We still have the KKK and the religious right in the US – They are both violent and they can’t be eradicated.

    YOU are the reason that ISIS is so successful in their terrorist activities. YOU are terrified, and that is their goal. Mission Accomplished.

    We average two mass-shootings every day in the US, but where’s the sensational response to that?

    Anyone who thinks it would be easy to defeat ISIS has an exceptionally naive view of the world and a tenuous grasp on reality.


    1. As the Donald I believe put it: “bomb the sh*t out of them”. “Tenuous grasp on reality”, a lot of your fellow Americans seem to. But I bet IS is behind Trump for the Pres %@


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