(This has also been posted on lgbtperspectives.com)

Now that Mississippi and North Carolina have passed anti-LGBT bills catering to the whims of superstitious people who pray to and worship imaginary supernatural entities, one has to wonder how long it will be before the backlash will result in businesses and employers refusing to serve and hire Christians and other religious folks.

Yes, what goes around comes around, or as Christ himself put it, you reap what you sow. It’s a natural law also known as karma. If you sow seeds of hate and discrimination, you will receive similar treatment.

Outwardly bigoted people in states like Mississippi and North Carolina, among others, are setting themselves up for such karma. True, not many LGBT supporters believe in the eye for an eye principle, but they shouldn’t have to cater to people who cling to antiquated belief systems and who go out of their way to discriminate against anyone who doesn’t believe in their favourite fairy tales and mythology.

Of course, said bigots probably wouldn’t buy anything from an establishment they know is owned by LGBT people, and it may only be a matter of time before LGBT business owners in those states put signs in their windows saying something like “LGBT and proud of it!”.

There is more fallout for the bigots in those states, of course,  as national and international companies reconsider their investment there. Sadly, the loss of investment will affect all citizens, including LGBT residents.

But the bigots won’t care about that. They would prefer to wallow in poverty . . . and their ignorance.

Yes, ignorance and bigotry, ISIS style, have won the day in Mississippi and North Carolina — for now. Eventually, though, saner voices will prevail, and the old guard will slink back into the slimy swamps from whence they came.

— Jillian