Wasaga Beach: Too good to be true

Well, I guess I will have to spend my tourist dollars somewhere else this summer.

An earlier report I ran here pointing to a March 16 article on Simcoe.com — saying Wasaga Beach town council had voted in favour of a clothing-optional beach on a trial basis — was out of date.

In fact, yes, the earlier vote had been in favour. But a subsequent vote nixed the idea. You can read more here.

Personally, I am disgusted by it all.

No more to say on this, except I am sorry for the confusion and for raising anyone’s hope.

— Jillian

8 thoughts on “Wasaga Beach: Too good to be true

  1. There’s a line of fine judgement to be drawn over asking for clothes optional facilities. If we ask for other people’s permission for, eg, a nude beach, we are putting ourselves under their thumb. They say no, we’re stymied. They say yes, they then have control as they can remove that permission whenever they want.

    Better, in my opinion, to quietly get on with it. Isn’t that the freedom bit of clothes freedom?


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  2. It seems instead of progress towards a clothing optional or clothesfree society we going in the opposite direction. Very sad when simple nudity is demonized by so many who are uninformed.


  3. Well, better news is the announcement that clothesfree.com will be opening a new nudist resort. We’ll need to go to California to find it, but at least it is a place opening, instead of closing or being blocked.


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