Barelegging it again!

A little more than a week ago, we received about 20 centimetres of heavy snow in these parts, and we were all shivering and cursing and wondering if winter would ever release its grip on us. I fell on an icy patch that Thursday (April 7), and am still hurting from it.

Today, I have a slight sunburn on various parts of my body after sitting out on the deck yesterday, soaking in the rays and the warmth of a true spring day that saw the thermometer in direct sunlight hitting 20C — it was actually only about 10C.

Yes, spring is finally here, and I am barelegging it again. Temperatures are supposed to continue t orise today and tomorrow, with the true temperature hitting 20C on Sunday — so the thermometer in the direct sunlight will probably be hitting 30C.

Obviously, sitting in that kind of sunlight will result in a pretty fast burn, so now that I am a little red and brown, I’ll be more cautious . .

Happy weekend, everyone! I’m off to a social nudism event . . .

— Jillian

5 thoughts on “Barelegging it again!

  1. I’m waiting for the sk-d Posts. But I suppose that won’t occur until after bug time. Et bon weekend à toi aussi nos chère %*


  2. Thanks Yet again for sharing! Last night alone, in less than 4 hours, I heard people complain about how hot it was to simply having people buying ice cream and ….finding them saying the same earlier today.


  3. You got sunburned? This early in the year? Have I taught you nothing? *Sigh* No matter how much (alleged) piety, Sister Jillian, you are going to hell. In the interim, I hope it hurt like hell. Please stop by my office to get chewed out my Evil Secretary.


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