Of hopeless crushes, bare legs and black flies

Sigh . . . I had fallen quite hopelessly in love with Caroline, Sarah Lancashire’s character in the British series Last Tango in Halifax, until last night, when she did something quite unforgivable to Alan in the latest episode to air on Canada’s Knowledge TV . . . (Two “quite”s in one sentence . . . a British thing?)

I suppose the writers will find a way for Alan to forgive her in the next episode, but I’m not sure my feeling for her will ever be the same. Sigh . . .

Meanwhile, I think winter has finally relinquished its grip on my part of the world. The trees are budding, the peeper frogs are peeping, the black flies are biting . . . I made an appointment yesterday to have summer tires put on my car next week, though I sometimes wonder why we bother to remove the winter tires for our brief summers. After all, temperatures dipped to below the freezing mark last week, and there were some snowflakes in these parts. By late August, it will be getting cold again and snow will follow soon after.

Still, let’s live for today, eh? It’s time for bare legs, painted toenails and platform sandals . . .

Sha na na na na . . .

– Jillian

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