Coverup: Whither summer?

So much for barelegging it . . .

OK, I know summer doesn’t officially begin until June 21. But it has been more like autumn in my part of the world this past week, with temperatures dipping to just 4 or 5 degrees above the freezing mark overnights and up to the low teens (Celsius) during the day. Plus, it has been grey, grey, grey . . . except for today, for now. But there is more grey forecast for the weekend, more low temperatures.

It certainly hasn’t been nudism/naturism weather. I’m bundling up to keep warm — and have had to turn the heat on in the house these past two nights.

I’m beginning to suspect that we are in for a cooler-than-usual summer, after a cold spring. And summer is usually short in this area, anyway: by mid-August, the leaves are already starting to show the first signs of fall colours.

Maybe I shouldn’t have left the snow tires on my car all summer?

Hmm . . .

So, what gives with the weather these days? Why do we seem to be getting more global cooling in Quebec than global warming?

Conspiracy theories, anyone?

Winks . . .

Hope it’s warmer where you live.

— Jillian

7 thoughts on “Coverup: Whither summer?

      1. Far too many restriction in that restaurant. It would not be legal to discriminate like that here. But the concept of nude dining is catching on, I think.


  1. Patience Grasshopper, patience. 2 weeks(June 21) temp forecast to be summer heat. Perhaps we’ll be lucky and it will extend well into the Fall %)


  2. I just read “Take a bow Mother Nature” and this post came up in related reading. Isn’t it amazing how Mother Nature tends to surprise us, in spite of all our technological advances in the field of weather prediction? I’m glad your summer has turned out to be “glorious”! Ours, here in SW Ohio has been more pleasant than most, with above average rainfall, but plenty of sunshine too. I guess the most important thing is to get out there and experience it, in whatever state of dress one prefers.


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