Orlando massacre: How to stop copycat killers?

In the aftermath — and wake — of the weekend’s massacre at the Pulse Orlando club in Florida, one has to wonder what next?

Where will the next massacre take place in the United States, and who will be the victims?

I think everyone would agree the massacres that have become commonplace in the U.S. will continue as long as anyone who is disenchanted with his lot in life and is suicidal has access to guns and bullets.

I was going to say “anyone with a low I.Q. who is disenchanted . . .” But I’m betting some of the killers aren’t so much dumb as mentally ill — as was the case of the Orlando shooter, according to at least one report I saw today. It claimed he had bipolar disorder, which seems to be more common these days. It needs to be treated with drugs, and constantly monitored, and if it isn’t, well, those suffering the illness can do some very unpredictable things, though fortunately, most do not commit such hideous crimes.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, each mass shooting in the United States seems to have a way of inspiring others to follow suit, losers who are pissed off at the world and have lost their will to live — and have been poisoned by the hate of others. I could speculate more about the minds of these lunatics, but suffice to say they are consumed by hate — perhaps self-hate. For example, it is often said that those who object the loudest about homosexuality have the greatest insecurities about their own sexuality — they are guilt-ridden over their own same-sex desires and urges.

Meanwhile, how can America stop this vicious circle of violence? How can it stop copycat killers?

Surely it can’t be a lost cause . . . or is it?

— Jillian

4 thoughts on “Orlando massacre: How to stop copycat killers?

  1. imo it may also have to do with the amount of Drugs in the Public water supply as well as the prescribed pharmaceuticals. Apparently it is a huge problem now in the US. Not to mention that heroin is now rampant in “small town” America and “white” middle-class neighborhoods thanks to Oxycondin over-prescription by the doctors, who now admit they caused the epidemic by shilling for big pharma. While so far it has been Middle Eastern and Caucasus individuals gaining media attention, we must not forget Columbine, Virginia Tech. Umpqua .. not to mention the Oklahoma bombing. The argument for gun-control – ease of access, I have often argued is best illustrated by this example: just imagine if the general Pop. of China or India were allowed to “bear arms”. And, let us not forget about the bingo, Pakistan; where the amount of assault rifles available is amongst the largest in the world, after the US of course. Alice in wonderland indeed %O


  2. I’ve been wondering lately about the effect of modern chemicals in the environment and how they’re acting on life forms (like us). I recall a study published some years ago that claimed only a small fraction of the chemicals routinely used in foodstuffs have been tested for their long-term and cumulative effects on the human body, and even fewer have been checked for their effects when combined with each other (as they are after we’ve ingested them).



      1. Meantime Bayer and Monsanto continue to duke it out. And China and India are churning out the designer pills in the quadrillions. If it weren’t for the flies makes you wanna skinny-d while it’s hot. bon weekend à tous %D


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