Gun control vs. no gun control

The issue is in the news again, after the latest massacre of innocent people in the United States by an American citizen.

Some are pointing out that even if guns and bullets were not readily available, those seeking to commit massacres would find another way.

No doubt, that is true in some cases.

But I suspect that the easy access to guns is a factor, and that if they weren’t so easy to purchase, the numbers of attacks — and more important, the numbers of deaths — would fall dramatically.

It is too easy to spontaneously pick up a gun and start shooting. It is much more difficult to plot out an attack using nails and pressure cookers, and only the most determined terrorist would go that far, in my opinion.

What say you?

— Jillian

12 thoughts on “Gun control vs. no gun control

      1. In this pcase, as a G4S employee, he wouldn’t have had much trouble getting an AR-15 and a 9mm Glock in Canada (you need to have a restricted license in Canada to work for G4S or Garda). He passed much more strict screening then you would need in any country that allows gun ownership, including psychological assesment. When you say gun control, you probably mean “if there were no guns”, like most people.


    1. According to what CNN was saying, every 5 years. But what they find needs to be substantiated, nit just words. They also do a psychological assessment, however accurate they are,


      1. Five years is a long time when it comes to mental illness, a lot can happen to someone in that length of time which could make them unfit for this special status.

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  1. The typical right-wing response to a mass-shooting is: “We can’t fix everything, so we won’t fix anything”.

    The right-wing says “Condolences and prayers”, but those are just words. They are cheap words that somehow make you feel like you are blameless. We’re tired of “Condolences and prayers” – DO SOMETHING!

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    1. And the media will forget about it in a week or two, and the massacres will continue, each one worse than the last. When will they “do something”? Maybe when 1,000 or more are killed at a sporting event or something, but even then I doubt it.


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