Nudism/Naturism: Houses of the holy

I was just reading an article about a “nude church” in Virginia. It’s part of a naturism resort, apparently — though, the article is from 2014, so I’m not sure the church still operates.

But it seems to me that for those so inclined, doing the social spiritual thing in the nude would be a most natural thing to do. After all, spirituality is about baring one’s soul, so to speak, which aligns with the philosophy of naturism.

So, I’m wondering how many nudists/naturists attend social spirituality gatherings where clothes are shed at the door?

Any of you? If so, please tell us about it.

— Jillian

16 thoughts on “Nudism/Naturism: Houses of the holy

  1. We have nude church service @ OaklakeTrails nude resort in central Oklahoma on Sunday mornings. We have a very nice chapel on the grounds, attendance is decent considering how late Saturday night activities are.

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    1. Travelites, Columbia, SC hosts a Passover Seder should the first or second night of this holiday falls on a Friday or Saturday. I remember a few years back when there were almost 30 at the tables.
      Cedar Creek, Batesburg-Leesville, SC; Whispering Pines. Shallott, NC; and White Tail in Ivor, VA has a weekly Sunday Service for those who want to attend.

      There is also a Nudist/Naturist Convocation club, I believe in NC.


  2. White Tail is one of several nudist churches in the US. There is an active church at Oak Lake Trails in Oklahoma, an active church at Lake Como here in Florida, and I am working to start a church at Cypress Cove. Once a person sheds the unholy “textilism”, which is pervasive in our society, nude-worship can become an out-flowing of a life that has been set free. I am part of an organization, Christian Naturists of America (CNA), whose goal is to support and start more nudist churches.

    The 3rd annual Christian Naturists Festival will be held July 15-17 at Lake Como, and it will be led by Matthew Neal, author of The Biblical Naturist blog. Rev. David Hatton, RN led it last year. CNA will be participating in this year’s Festival.

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  3. Cedar Waters in New Hampshire is a christian nudist/naturist resort with their own chapel. They are in their 66th year. For some reason they state in their website that they are not affiliated with AANR, TNS, or any nudist/naturist organizations. I’ve never visited this place as they don’t allow single people.


      1. Many resorts, including some AANR-affiliated resorts, do not allow single men unless they have “credentials”, such as an AANR or TNS card. There is still a stigma attached to being single and male in the nudist/naturist community. Yes, it IS discrimination, but it has been going on for many years.


  4. There is the “Christian Naturist Fellowship” that is affiliated with British Naturism (

    Issue 207 of the British Naturism magazine mentioned the Venerable Karen Gorham, Church of England Bishop of Sherborne( “…was brought up in a naturist home. Although not a naturist herself, she is a supporter of the movement.”

    There is a member of my naturist club, Oaklands Sun Club, Leicester, (the club’s name and my surname are totally coincidental) who I believe is something to do with some church, maybe the Church of England. The club magazine once published a photo of him in his robes.


  5. Along the lines of discriminatory practices at naturist places, not neccrssarily christian or spiritual, I’ve read of places which also will not allow a person who is in a relationship to come in if they are alone. Apparently, some resorts or clubs have been drawn into divorce proceedings when one person has been practicing naturism alone and their spouse/partner has used this as at least partial grounds for divorce. There are some complicated, and sometimes strange, issues naturist resorts and clubs may encounter.


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