ISIS is claiming credit for the suicide bombing committed by one ignorant, self-loathing, hateful wretch who decided to take out as many people with him — or her — as possible in Baghdad this weekend, killing more than 120 innocent people. Yes, another scumbag couldn’t bear the thought of anybody else being happy if he (or she) wasn’t.

That essentially defines what ISIS is all about for the average moron who joins up, while money, no doubt, is the bottom line for those shrewd, evil men at the top of that particular gung hill.

But terrorist attacks are about the only type of “victory” ISIS can claim these days, and it’s not even certain that ISIS had anything at all to do with the attack in Iraq, while authorities in Bangladesh are already saying the attack there on Friday — which killed more than 20 — was not related to ISIS, even though it claimed credit. But we all know that ISIS is desperate to claim “victory” for any blood drawn around the world — if you prick your thumb in a rose garden, ISIS will claim credit for it.

There is not much the world can do to protect itself from lone-wolf attacks committed by brainwashed morons or groups of morons who have no hope for a better future other than twisted supernatural fantasies that somehow make them believe killing innocent people will bring them rewards in the afterlife. I could digress for a moment and explain that committing such acts will only bring the murderers unimaginable horror in the afterlife, but I’ll talk about that some other time. (Occultists know of what I speak.)

Sadly, the world is becoming all too blasé about lone-wolf or wolf-pack suicide attacks, especially when they are committed in non-Western nations. For example, where is the outrage today by people in Canada, the United States, Britain, France and so many other countries over the Iraq killings this weekend? Yes, the attack is making headlines in the West, but how many vigils will be held in Western cities for the victims in Baghdad?

Even the suicide attack on a gay nightclub in Orlando a few weeks ago is fading from our collective memory, as life goes on with full understanding that there probably will be many more such attacks in the West to come.

Such is the world we live in today, where individual, deluded malcontents are able to commit mass atrocities with relative ease — and get their 15 minutes of what they might feel is fame, and which is, in fact, infamy. Indeed, the media attention is probably a major motivator for suicide attackers and for those who seduce them into committing such terrible acts. Perhaps our best hope is that we will become so blasé about such incidents that they eventually won’t draw any headlines at all, denying the attackers — and ISIS — any publicity.

Thus, claims of “victory” by ISIS won’t be heard by anyone.

Two things are for certain: ISIS will be defeated in the near future. But lone-wolf attacks are here to stay for the foreseeable future.

— Jillian