My partner is an ace when it comes to doing crosswords. She buys crossword books, and does them every day. It keeps the mind sharp, she says. It’s good brain exercise.

I agree with her. I was just reading a report about the aging process and how it affects our memory. Mental exercises like crosswords, along with good diets and sleeping habits — and, needless to say, not consuming too much alcohol and/or drugs — can help keep the brain sharp.

Though, another study I was reading today suggests that cannabis can help keep Alzheimer’s at bay . . . (That’s another story).

Back to crosswords.

I haven’t been doing many over the years because my mind gets lots of mental stimulation in the work I do as an editor, and in the blogging I do. But I’m thinking I will find time to do some crosswords . . . just because.

How about you? Do you do crosswords regularly?

Here’s a link I found to a free online crosswords site. No doubt there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of similar sites.

— Jillian