Crosswords: Exercising the brain

My partner is an ace when it comes to doing crosswords. She buys crossword books, and does them every day. It keeps the mind sharp, she says. It’s good brain exercise.

I agree with her. I was just reading a report about the aging process and how it affects our memory. Mental exercises like crosswords, along with good diets and sleeping habits — and, needless to say, not consuming too much alcohol and/or drugs — can help keep the brain sharp.

Though, another study I was reading today suggests that cannabis can help keep Alzheimer’s at bay . . . (That’s another story).

Back to crosswords.

I haven’t been doing many over the years because my mind gets lots of mental stimulation in the work I do as an editor, and in the blogging I do. But I’m thinking I will find time to do some crosswords . . . just because.

How about you? Do you do crosswords regularly?

Here’s a link I found to a free online crosswords site. No doubt there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of similar sites.

— Jillian


3 thoughts on “Crosswords: Exercising the brain

  1. You stoned? Make me P my pants!! hahahahahahahaha!!!! Cupcake wine not good enough!! Try these: And ask your partner if he/she/it can attempt them. “there is more MORE in heaven and earth than is dreamed of in your Philosophy”!! A very much “alive” reader. But I have been called other things! A story: back in another “Life” I was an instructor of “programming” at a school at the cutting edge of “technology”. I happened to teach a class that was completely stoned. Believe me, it’s an experience. Imagine you are in a class as a nude model and the aspiring or whatever are “all” high on weed!?!?! Something to think about, yes?!? %Q

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    1. Actually, I did many things “stoned” over the years, including wrote some exams. In one class, I scored the highest mark on an exam — and I was ripped on hashish when I wrote it.

      Still, in terms of keeping the mind healthy, I’m thinking smoking a lot of dope may have a negative effect.

      I smoked pot every day for several decades — but didn’t drive under the influence.


      1. Now u’r talking! my dear But of course, your Q is the issue. Curious, why driving “under the influence” is an issue? -ve effect? Like the other Drugs? Cell phones? just asking for the sake of enlightenment. I know, i get in a lot of trouble. Everytime I ask Q’s it upsets people %O


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